Saturday, 3 August 2013

Blackpool Tower Ballrooms Big day out

We were invited to go along to one of the Blackpool Tower Ballrooms big day out. We decided to attend the 1st August event as it was Peppa Pig & my little lady adores Peppa Pig

We arrived a little late but was just in time for the party getting started, we found a seat and bought some drinks and then we were handed our picnic(only children ages 14 and under are provided with a packed lunch). Inside the picnic bag there was a packet of crisp, a carton of fruit juice, a pack of biscuits and some cheese dippers. 

We played some party dances which prizes were being given out then Peppa Pig arrived, all of the children swarmed around her so she retreated to the stage for photographs, whilst photographs were being taken music still played so they other waiting did not grow bored.

Other than dancing we played games, hula hooping was one of them & Peppa Pig was the judge, 3 of my children took part and M managed to win, she only dropped the hoop once, I never knew she could keep it spinning around for so long. Little T made me giggle so much, I think it was his first time hula hooping and he was a funny sight. C didn't win either but she had a chance to take part. I loved that the staff made sure that each child had an opportunity to go up on the stage if they wanted to do so.

Madison chosen a fish as her prize, little T later went on to win a fish too for dancing the cha cha slide on the stage

They took a break at 12:30 till 1:30pm, some of my family took this hour to go up to the top of the tower(extra charge) and brave the walk over the glass flooring. I am not a huge fan of lifts so stayed with the eldest and the youngest in the ballroom(wimps), around 45 minutes later they returned. They have a 4d cinema at the top of the tower that the boys raved about, hearing them talk about it made me want to go up and experience it myself but I couldn't bring myself to go up in the lift. They said it rained & snowed on them and things came at them out of the screen, I would have loved to see what their faces were like.

They braved standing on the glass floor, just looking at this picture makes my stomach do a flip. They even braved going over to the middle section and stepping away from the edge, so brave. The views were pretty good and you could see far out as it was a clear day. They all came down excited and couldn't wait to tell me, so if you are brave enough to go up, they would recommend it. Tickets start from £9.95 & a circus show and family party night is included in the price. We are returning towards the end of August to visit the circus. All of my children enjoyed the day and had great fun, the older ones obviously was not bothered about Peppa Pig but still enjoyed the dances and party games. Their is a bar in the ballroom for you to purchase drinks and a burger bar for the adults to buy food if they are hungry. All in all it was a good day out which the children enjoyed.

I have a few competitions to win tickets to the Blackpool Tower Ballrooms Big day out, to enter just click on the event and follow the instructions. 

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