Tuesday, 9 July 2013

CRISP 2013 Ultima Stunt Scooter

A while back skates sent me a scooter for review, now this is not just any old scooter it is a CRISP scooter, the CRISP 2013 ultima stunt scooter, the scooter that all the kids seem to want as my husband found out. We'd had the scooter for around a week when my husband took our son to the local shops on it, all was normal till he approached a bunch of young lads, they went nuts saying "its a CRISP" & "oh my god that is the best scooter ever" My husband was a little shocked at all the attention one shiny purple and black scooter was getting, he said you would think I had just pulled up outside a pub in a Ferrari.
My girls drooled over it and argued who got to go on it first. They both have done a few none dangerous stunts on it, I even had a little go and did a few hops off the ground. One thing I will say it is much more sturdier than any other scooter we have had, but then it is the ultima CRISP! We have the purple & black colour CRISP which I think is suitable for both a boy & girl, it glides across most surfaces with ease & looks great whilst doing so. We took it on a bmx track and it whizzed around the corners with ease, I half expected at least one of my children to fall off they were going that fast but they never! 

The new CRISP 2013 ultima stunt scooter has lots have great features that makes it the scooter that the kids seem to crave, it has:

New deck plate design boxed sides and flat bottom, 3 degree concave 4.2 inches x 20 inches
Double D down tube for increased weld length and strength
Semi-Integrated sealed Neco headset
New fork design
Supersonic oversized 34.9mm - Y Bars 21 x 21
New Alloy Fork with HIC compression
110mm contour wheels
SST Flex fender

I am guilty of taking a turn(it would be rude not to) I found it was smooth to ride & I had great fun attempting some stunts, I think all the cool kids wondered what I was doing but I looked cool(I think).

I would highly recommend this stunt scooter to family and friends & would happily purchase one myself, priced at £149.99 I would say it is worth every penny as you will be purchasing a stunt scooter that is durable & very well made, the quality is excellent.

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