Monday, 1 July 2013

Chad Valley wooden Playhouse

cheap wooden playhouse I have been searching for quite some time for a wooden playhouse for the children but could never find one in our price range that would be suitable. Argos came to our rescue with this gorgeous Chad Valley Wooden Playhouse. Big T can't play out like other children his age so the garden is the only place he can play without us having to take him, slowly but surely we are getting the garden sorted so it can be his safe haven, a place he can play safely. The Chad Valley wooden playhouse arrived quickly, we had to store it whilst we got the ground prepared. We decided to put it in a position that we could clearly see it from our sitting room window. 
Putting together the Chad Valley PlayhousePutting it together was straight forward, the instructions were easy to follow. The only downside was the screws could have been better quality as we managed to round off a few of the screw heads however they did do the job. Whilst putting it together I noticed a small crack in one of the pieces of wood and a tiny crack in the perspex window. Argos offered an exchange right away but as the faults were not that bad and easy fixable I decided against receiving a replacement. As a way of goodwill they sent me a Plum sandpit bench which my children love. We had really strong winds a few weeks back with a lot of damage in our area, mainly strong trees falling. I was certain that damage would be done to the playhouse as we live quite high up so everything gets battered by the winds. The morning after the worst night wind I have experienced I went out to check on the animals and survey the damage. I was amazed to find the playhouse stood strong, other bits and pieces had been thrown around the garden but the playhouse managed to withstand the strong winds. 
Argos wooden playhouseThe Chad Valley wooden playhouse is made using FSC wood so the wood uses has come from a sustainable source. The size is perfect for children, mine love having their very own house at the end of the garden to play in, sometimes they let me in to play, sometimes I am shut out and told I am too big to play in their house!. The size is H158, W140, D140cm now I tried to find the internal size before it arrived and I struggled to find the correct information I was not sure which was the correct size so I grabbed  my tape measure and took some of my own measurements, the internal size is approximately  W114cm x D88.5cm, the door opening size is H96cm x W37cm approximately. You will need to prepare the ground on which your playhouse will sit & I recommend a solid base. The minimum solid base size you will need is W122 x D132cm, with the roof on the size is larger due to the overhand of the roof so it then becomes the size which is advertised.

I would highly recommend this Chad Valley wooden playhouse and it can be bought for £139.99 from Argos at the minute as they have reduced the price from £199.99
If a playhouse is not what you need Argos stock a massive range of outdoor toys from trikes and trampolines that kids will enjoy most of which we have bought over the years and no doubt we will purchase more from Argos over the coming years.

I was sent the Chad Valley Wooden Playhouse for the purpose of the review, all opinions are of my own

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