Thursday, 25 July 2013

Am I really a home improvement hero?

Money Supermarket set me the challenge to be a home improvement hero & change a room using just £50. Can a room really be changed by spending just £50? The answer is yes, easy. 
My sons room was plain blue walls, when we moved here we just lined his walls and painted them because he has a habit of picking the wallpaper so we didn't want to spend too much to have to redo it a few months later, thankfully he managed a year and half without destroying his room so we were going to decorate anyway, Money Supermarket just gave me the push I needed. All that was now needed was inspiration, I found that inspiration after I picked up some bargain wallpaper in the sale.

 I picked up 4 rolls of striped wallpaper from Wilkinsons in the sale, all 4 rolls cost just £12, normally the price of just 1 roll of most wallpaper so I was rather pleased with my find. The wallpaper has blue, red, grey & black stripes on a white background so I instantly thought of Captain America, possibly because the boys have had me watching the Avengers quite a lot lately. So there it was, my theme, Captain America, my search for bedroom accessories began. I managed to find curtains for £11 and then a duvet set from Linen Store for £16  which left me with just £11. Not much more could be bought that matched my theme and budget so I had to make what ever else was needed. 
I took all of the draw knobs off his draws & painted them white with paint I already had(everyone must have left over gloss), I then got a red and blue marker for 50p and set about drawing the shield onto the door knobs. The results were good, my boys both recognized them to be Captain America's shield so I knew they looked okay.
Next I decided he needed some sort of larger shield so a rummage through my material bag I found I had white material but no red or blue so I bought a fat quarter of red & blue material for £3 each, a white zip for £1.39 & a square cushion for £2.99.
All I had to do was pull out the trusty sewing machine and make a round cushion cover for a square cushion, I know you are wondering why I bought a square cushion, well the answer is simple, they are way cheaper than buying a round one & with a little stuffing manipulation it turns into a round one! Lots of huffing and puffing & stabbing myself with pins I eventually made a round Captain America shield cushion that I am rather proud of.

So the challenge was to change a room for £50 & I think I did it, just about.

Wallpaper £12.00

Curtains £11.00
Duvet cover £16

Pens 50p

Material £6
Zip £1.39

Square cushion £2.99 
Total £49.88
I am a home improvement hero! You can check out the full details of the challenge on Money Supermarkets competition page
I love to decorate & often use my skills to make a room unique, if you have drawing skills you can too & again do it for under £50, check out my Peter Pan wall mural  that I did a few months back. All that is needed is a skilled drawer, tester pots & lots of them, most can be bought for £1 each and I managed to buy lots using 3for2 deals and a theme, you can transform white walls into something brilliant.

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