Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Air purifier & Ioniser review

Appliances Direct offered me the chance to review one of their air purifiers a while back, I jumped at the chance as my son suffers badly with asthma and allergies, including hay fever. In the past when the weather has been nice we have had to keep the windows closed to keep out any pollen that is floating around in the air. This means that the room ends up extremely hot & stuffy. Often he would be unsettled which made him not have enough sleep, he would then be grump and tired for school. 
We have been using the Convair Eco Air purifier & Ioniser which comes with new anti-bacteria technology for over 1 month & have noticed a real difference it has made to my sons suffering. In the past when his hay fever or dust allergies have flared up he would have itchy red eyes that looked puffy but since using the air purifier he has not suffered once. The past week we have fully put it to the test by having the windows in his bedroom open & I am delighted to say he has had no allergy flare up, not even one little wheeze. 

It is not only for those who suffer with allergies, it filters out gases & fumes, it destroys micro-organisms, bacteria & fungal spores.

I expected it to be quite noisy but is does only produce a low humming sound. It is small & lightweight so is easily portable from room to room & it looks stylish too. The only downside is it gets finger prints on it easily so I am often giving it a polish.
The dimensions are 33cm(h) x 25cm(w) x 10.5cm(d) & it can be bought for just £49.99.
I would recommend this Air Purifier & Ioniser to family & friends because we have seen a huge improvement in the health of my son since using it, I also like knowing that any nasty bacteria that is floating about is destroyed in my sons room. 

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