Monday, 3 June 2013

It's an invasion, we're under attack

Ok, maybe the title may seem a little extreme to most, gardeners however would understand & people who are allergic to them will totally understand me. Unfortunately these little seeds, yes those floating white things know as dandelion seeds that have been soaring the skies cause my son to get hives, if one should touch him then he will have an allergic reaction which results in us desperately trying to get antihistamine in him & keeping his lungs as clear as possible with his inhalers. 
The past few days they have been coming down into my garden by the thousands, at one point I thought it was snowing despite the glorious clear blue skies. The sun has been shining & most children will be out enjoying the lovely weather we have been having, but not my son. It breaks my heart that he can not just be a carefree child, rolling in the grass, bouncing on the trampoline or even playing in the sandpit is not an option for him at the minute as they are everywhere. 
Spiders webs are coated in them, huge clumps are gathering in any possible corner, even the flowers are coated in them. I wish I could cast a giant protective net over my garden that would catch the damn things so my little man could enjoy the garden. I am hoping that the invasion does not last long and he can go back to doing what he does best, having fun!

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