Monday, 3 June 2013

Goodbye snoring, hello sleep.

good night sleep anti snoring ring
Have you spent most of your nights trying to block out the dreadful noise of your partner snoring?. If like me you spend far too many hours nudging your loved one telling them to shut up or you might even use gentle force(or a swift blow with the elbow) then the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring could be just what you need. I was sceptical when I pulled the ring out of its little bag, I read the instructions and set about making sure it was placed on my husbands hand correctly. Off to bed we went, together, we never go together because I need at least half hour to be able to get to sleep before he breaks the nights silence with his noise as my son calls it. We both lay in bed & I waited for the snoring to begin......nothing came though. I lay there thinking, no way! I convinced myself that he must not be breathing but upon checking him, he was breathing. He did not snore once, not once!
Anti-Snoring RingThe second & third night didn't go as silently, he snored, albeit lighter than usual but a snore is a snore. I was confused, it worked perfectly the first night. I read the instructions again & asked my husband which way he had put on the ring. Yes he had put it on the wrong way! So the moral of the story is read the instructions twice, then pass them to your partner for them to read twice.
Over our time of using the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring we have had nights of sheer silence & nights when the snoring as crept in(mainly if alcohol as been consumed). 

The ring comes in 3 different sizes & is available to buy for £30. It works by using acupressure, no drugs & no nasty side effects involved. What is even better is that if it does not work for you after using it correctly for 21 days they you can us the money back guarantee.

Even though we have had nights of snoring occasionally I would still recommend this product to family and friends because it has significantly reduced my husbands snoring resulting in us both have a much better nights sleep.

I was sent the Good Night Anti-Snoring ring for the purpose if the review.

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