Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chirk Castle The National Trust

Chirk Castle, a medieval fortress of the Welsh Marches 

We recently visited Chirk Castle, will plenty to do you will not grow bored. Every room I entered a wow left my lips, the rooms are truly stunning, the ceilings are breath taking & history is all there to be learnt. 

I will not go on about the History of the castle because that is the joy of visiting, you will want to hear that information from the tour guide or learning whilst exploring the castle at your leisure.

We took a visit down to the Kitchen garden and came across some smelly pigs and some cows out grazing in the fields. It was ever so peaceful. 
A walk through the little shop where you can purchase local produced goods, gorgeous blankets to wrap yourself up in or stunning plants brings you out into a court yard. A little further up we discovered the children's ride on tractors, we pushed the girls around the designated track whilst they giggled with joy.
The older children(the husbands) took the tractors back to the shed, they of course had to have a little ride(it is Peter Pan syndrome)

Walking up the drive to the castle you are surrounded by woodland,  to the right the ground is covered with a blanket of blue bells and to the left huge trees tower above you.You come out on top of the hills with views for miles, it was quite overcast on the day we visited but you can sure appreciate the castles surroundings. Will the Archer is stood on guard, he held a sword up to his shoulder & looked at us in a scary way. Being the big wimp I am I hid behind others in our group.

Whilst walking through the rooms, your eyes will be jumping from one stunning item to the next, it is quite a lot to take in.

From dark rooms to bathrooms that allow the day light to flood the room.

Every room you enter you must look up, the ceilings are as beautiful as the paintings 

The dungeon is 9 meters below the courtyard, being in the dungeon filled me with a feeling of dread & I didn't spend too long down there. The climb down the steep steps is not suitable for the elderly or very young children.

an 18th century Chinese blue & white porcelain ovoid ginger jar decorated with exotic birds among peonies 

 A visit to to tea rooms is a must, fill up on gorgeous cream teas or delicious 100% rump beef burgers. Sadly we ran out of time before we managed to visit the gardens so will will return on another day.

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