Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Peter Pan wall mural

For a whole year now my son has been staring at 4 plain white walls in his bedroom, when we first moved in I knew I wanted to do a wall mural on his wall but I was not quite sure what I wanted on them. My daughter would be moving into his room for a while so what ever I chose it had to be unisex. Finding a unisex theme was quite tricky but we all finally settled on Peter Pan. I had started to sketch what I would draw on the walls on a pad when I was offered the chance to review some paint from NaturePaint, it was fate. 
Knowing I could not now laze about and do it all in slow mode I got straight to work.

Captain hook wall mural

The first wall I started on was the wall that features Captain Hook, my husband insisted that if Captain Hook was going on the wall then so were Tick Tock Croc, Smee & the boat. I have never drawn a boat before & couldn't quite get a good image of the boat to go off. I managed to find one picture so that is how I came about with the style. I took a trip to our local diy store and bought plenty of little tester pots to add to the colours given to me of the NaturePaint. 
Captain Hook
The gent that served me gave me a rather strange look when I turned up with about 20 different coloured pots, my husband chirped in that I was struggling to choose what colour I liked, the cashier gave my husband a sympathetic look. I could have poured the paint over the pair of them right then and there! I got my NaturePaint and my other array of colours and set about painting, when wall 1 was complete I set about painting wall 2.

Peter Pan kids bedroomFor the second wall I had planned to keep it simple, Peter Pan above my sons bed & Tinkerbell above my daughters, a nice easy job. My husband had other plans, he thought I was cheating by doing this and suggested I did a full wall. I really did not want to spend another 2 weeks of my spare time stuck in a room painting lots of detail. After much humming and hawing I knew & my husband knew that eventually I would regret not doing a full wall, thus drawing and painting a flying scene of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy Michael & John. My sons only request was that I put in a big clock like Big Ben. I added the quote "All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust" below Tink and lots of glittery pixie dust.

Peter Pan Wall Mural

My daughter has not watched any of the Peter Pan films so for her it is just painting on the walls. My son however has watched the film plenty of times and loves it. I asked him what he thought of his new walls when I had almost finished and he said it was delightful! I guess he likes it.
Drawing and painting was very time consuming but so worth it in the end. Now all that is left to do is find accessories fit for a pirate/Peter Pan room.

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