Wednesday, 24 April 2013

NaturePaint Review

I was in the process of deciding what to do on my sons bedroom wall when NaturePaint offered me some of their paint to review. I told them that I was planning on doing a wall mural so they offered me 2, 1kg tubs in one colour & offered to send me some tester packets in a range of other colours.
My paint arrived quickly and well packed. NaturePaint comes in powder form so you will have to mix the paint with water yourself at home which I found simple enough to do. I dug out my paint mixing pots and set about mixing away, I found that mixing a larger quantity was easier than mixing the tester pots. Once fully mixed I left it for 20 minutes to set fully before using it.
NaturePaint is made in Cornwall using natural and local materials. It is free from carcinogens, petrochemicals, synthetic ingredients and VOCs. VOCs(volatile organic compounds) are carbon based chemicals found in conventional paints. Being free from all of the above means it is much safer for your home & family. You do not get the usual smell from other paint meaning as soon as the paint is dry you can happily sit in the room without feeling dizzy or getting a head ache.  
Below is my finished wall murals, the blue, greens & skin tones are all painted using NaturePaint, on average I applied 3 thin coats to the wall to give it full coverage. I even mixed the colours together to give me different colours of blue. The finish of the paint is matt.
Once mixed the paint is ok for approximately 2-3 days in a sealed container but I would recommend you use up the paint in 24 hours. NaturePaint dries fully within 3-4 hours(touch dry 45 mins) making it much easier to complete a room in one day.

The pro's of Nature Paint are:
VOCs free
No nasty odour

For me there are no cons to this paint, I found it easy enough to follow the instructions, to mix, & easy enough to get a nice even colour on my walls. A 1kg pack will make 2.5l of paint and is priced at £19.95. A tester pack that will make 200ml is priced at £3.95 so for getting a paint that does not set off my sons asthma or gives me a headache I think the price is fair.
I would recommend NaturePaint to family & friends and will use them again.

If you would like to see more images of my wall mural they can be found on my Peter Pan wall mural blog post.

I received the paint for the purpose of the review.

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