Monday, 15 April 2013

Memory Monday 15/2013

It is memory Monday time again. My memory for this week is quite an exciting one. I love pushchairs, I think I am a little of a pram addict to be fair and if money & my husband was no issue I could quite happily collect pushchairs like they were shoes. 
Last Tuesday I found myself at home with a poorly M rather than doing the weekly shop, I was browsing facebook when I saw an announcement on the Bugaboo facebook page that their buffalo hunt competition would start in 10 minutes, intrigued I went to check it out. 
The competition was to follow their clues to find the location of the hidden Bugaboo Buffalo on a world map, I sat and thought to myself that it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack but as I had nothing but sipping coffee to do I would give it a go. After about 18 minutes of searching, eyes going square, I found it, I found the prized buffalo. I clicked on it and a message popped up, it said well done! winners will be announced at the end of hunt 1. Having no clue of the rules & no clue when the hunt ended I encouraged others to keep searching. Two hours into the hunt 5 lucky people had found the buffalo, I was one of them!. Not only was I one of them I was the first person to find it. How I found it was sheer luck, no skill at all. The next hunt begins on the 22nd April so get your eyes in their best shape to go buffalo hunting.
I have knitted a blanket to go with it till I manage to buy a footmuff for it, I am so thrilled to have won and I can not wait to have a play. I am sure I will share my buffalo adventure with you all.

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