Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Get fit go cycling

The title really should be get fit, go cycling & kill your muscles.
 For quite some time now I have wanted a bike with a child seat on the back so I could take one of my youngest 2 children out to explore the beautiful countryside that Wales has to offer. My husband kept trying to put me off saying I wouldn't use it after the novelty has worn off so I am determined to not allow the bike just turn into a rusty garden ornament. 

My daughter who is 22 months loves it, she loved it so much that after taking it for a test drive with me she refused to get off! I lovingly prised her tiny hands off the safety belt so I could get her out. After much screaming & tantrum throwing she gave in and accepted that we would not allow her to stay on the bike forever. 
I am hoping that in time she will happily accept that my fitness levels are not that of an athlete(yet) & I can only do short distances for now. 
My son saw how much fun it looked & asked me to pick him up from school on the shiny new bike, I should have prepared and not done that trip for one of my 1st rides in over 13 years. Down to the school it is all mainly a down hill, easy, hardly any pedalling, not killing muscles ride. Coming back however with a 5 year old, albeit small 5 year old killed my muscles. I am not sure if it was the weight of him on the back or the fact that the whole way back you have to pedal that made my thigh muscles feel like they were doing a hulk on me, throbbing so much I swear they were ready to break out of my jeans. My lungs & heart did not know what had hit them, my lungs were screaming for an oxygen tank and my heart was pumping so fast it could have given up right there! I am so unfit it is unreal, walking just does not cut it when trying to keep fit! 
No sooner had I got through the door walking slightly oddly my darling son asked if I would take him on a bike ride tomorrow. I wonder if I can get away with going up and down the nice flat street a few times & tell him it is a bike ride?.
I know he will want to ride much more often, as will my little lady so I am determined to exercise more,  I normally avoid exercise because it burns too many calories(yes you read right) I struggle badly with my weight and find it impossible to gain weight so I quite like my calories and don't want them to be burned off. I will do it though, if it means my children can go on fun filled bike ride whilst at the same time it improves my fitness levels it has got to be worth it.

By the time I next post about our cycling adventures I might be able to make it to his school and back without needing oxygen and feeling a bit like the hulk.

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