Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Schleich Horses

Do you or your child love horses? If the answer is yes then you will adore the horse range by Schleich. I have been sent some of the new range for me to review and with all Schleich products, they do not disappoint. The detailing on each horse is incredible, some even have the detailing on the sole of their hooves. The horses manes come in a variety of braids, giving them the ready to show look.

Fell Pony Stallion
I love this little stallion, he comes with his mane in a mesh braid. The Fell pony comes from the north of England in the Lake District area which is also known as the fells, giving this gorgeous breed its name. The fell pony makes a brilliants child's pony and with its long mane you could spend hours lovingly braiding it.
Lipizzaner mare & foal sold separately
The Lipizzaner mare has her mane braided into the Mozart braid, the Lipizzaner. The adorable Lipizzaner foal has the typical mane that foals tend to have, with his short tail and stuck up mane he looks very cute indeed. The Lipizzaner makes a very good dressage horse, showing off its beauty. 

Haflinger mare
This horse is built for power, a tough strong hard working horse. The Haflinger is not just used for its strength but can also look as graceful in dressage. Haflingers are bred in Austria & Italy but its origin is unknown. This lovely mare comes with her mane & tail braided. Her tail is decorated with pretty roses.

Hanoverian Mare
This pretty mare comes with her mane in a braid that is typical when a horse is competing. The Hanoverian horse makes an excellent dressage and show jumping companion she is considered to be a teachable, attentive, balanced but also spirited breed. Because of the colours on this model you can see the excellent detail.

Shire Mare
Shire horses are one of my favourite breeds, they are the largest breed of horse. They are the gentle giants of horses, despite their huge size they are known for their calm nature. The hair(feathers) around their hooves grows long making their feet look large. Shire horses were used for farming, where we live a shire horse can often be found pulling the barges down the canal in Llangollen.

I think each of the Schleich horses are excellent value, they are suitable for children ages 3+.

To see the full range visit the Schleich website

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  1. These are so cute horses from Schleich. I also love their Easter collection.