Friday, 15 March 2013

Munchkin Splash along Mermaid

Munchkin sent me their Splash along Mermaid bath toy for my little lady to review. It arrived quickly & was well packed. R loves her bath times, she could sit playing in a bath all day long if we allowed her to do so. 

The mermaid comes with a squirty star fish friend, this she loved and has quite an aim as daddy discovered. Laughter erupted in our bathroom as she continued to squirt daddy in the face. I couldn't help but giggle at her being cheeky, bath times are so much fun. 
The mermaid is cute and little hands can easily hold her. Pull on her star crown and she will flap her pink tail and propel herself through the water. R loved this so long as the mermaid didn't swim in her direction, for some reason she took a dislike to it but only when it was heading in her direction. 

This bath toy will provide great fun for your child's bath time & is a favourite with my daughter. It is suitable for ages 18 months+ and there is 2 different designs to collect. 

I received this bath toy for the purpose of the review, all wording and opinions are my own.

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  1. This is so cute and perfect for my little princess. You should have posted the other design as well.