Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Easter Gift Guide

Easter is fast approaching, my home will soon be filled with more eggs than we can actually store. Having 5 children and a rather giving family means we do get a lot of Easter eggs sent our way. You can guarantee that not all of them will be eaten by the end of May, well they would if I left my children to their own devices but we do make sure they don't scoff themselves silly on that lovely tasting chocolate.
This year I have a few other ideas that you could buy your children instead of eggs. We, every year don't buy eggs for our own children and often buy them a gift or allow them to choose something special when we go on our annual Easter holiday, it makes a nice change to just giving an egg.
Read my gift guide for our Easter Gift ideas.

Every little girl(and big girls) love Sylvanian families and what better set to buy at Easter than the Dale Sheep family. In this set you get Father Ewan, Mother Barbara, Sister Iona and Brother Winton. They look after the orchards at Sylvania, their limbs and heads are moveable, making play time even more fun. My girls are huge Sylvanian families fans and this would be the perfect Easter gift for them. This set is suitable for children ages 4 and over, the RRP is £15.99. To find more Sylvanian Families visit Flair

Schleich are a brand that I myself along with the children love, all of their products have incredible detailing and are well made. The Schleich Rabbit babies from their farm animals range are perfect Easter bunnies. You have 3 baby rabbits set around their feeding bowl, they all are finished to Schleich high standards and are also CE tested and approved. These super cute rabbit babies are available to buy for just £2.89, visit the Schleich website to discover all the other adorable products that are available.

Sticking with Easter bunnies you could buy a Ravensburger Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit Jigsaw puzzle. This is a 500pc set and is suitable for ages 9-99, we love jigsaw puzzles and work together as a family to complete a jigsaw puzzle. For just £7.99 this jigsaw with give you a chance to have some family time as you all get together to find which ear & eyes belong to which bunny. For more jigsaw puzzles visit Ravensburger's website.

Do you have an Angry Birds fan? or even a Star Wars fan? If you do these soft plush toys are for you. My son loves our Storm Trooper plush toy, especially because it is Angry bird themed. Prices start from just £5.99 and they come in a variety of sizes. You can collect Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, Princess Leia, Luke and Hans Solo. To find out more visit Character's website

Shoulder Buddies from Golden Bear Toys has had my son in stitches, he has crept up to Daddy a few times and sneakily attached Stormy the shoulder buddy to his T-shirt then sat waiting for Daddy to discover it leaving Little T in hysterics laughing. Little T has been quite attached to this toy, he takes it to bed and pops him onto his bedroom curtains using the magnetic coin. There is 8 shoulder buddies to collect and at £4.99 each you could easily collect them all. Suitable for ages 4 and upwards.
Visit Golden Bear Toys to discover which of the Shoulder buddies could become your child's friend.

Brand new to the NICI range from Great Gizmos is Jolly Logan, a comical collection featuring a sheep character playfully dressed in wolf’s clothing. This fantastic range also includes plush, stationary accessories as well as other great products. Jolly Logan that we received is a very soft plush toy. To see more of their range visit bright spark toys, prices start from just £6.99.

I received each of these products for the purpose of the gift guide.

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  1. They are all so lovely Easter gift ideas. The Schleigh Rabbit is my favorite among these.