Thursday, 21 March 2013

Easter at Poundland

For Easter Poundland set us ambassadors an Easter Challenge, our challenge was to make an Easter bonnet, find items that can be used for an Easter egg hunt, and buy items for Easter crafts.
I rose to the challenge quite easily but that was because our Poundland had plenty of Easter stock to choose from.
Making an Easter bonnet was simple, you can but a full set from Poundland or buy individual items from the range to complete your Easter bonnet. We bought a set which was really simple to put together and we also bought a hat with 2 boxes of chicks to decorate it with. 
Every child loves a good Easter egg hunt and Poundland have made that easy too, there is a selection of baskets to choose from to gather all those yummy eggs in. They sell colourful eggs that you can hide around outside if you would prefer to do that than hide chocolate around your garden. I bought an Easter egg hunt set that helps you point the hunters in the right direction, along with this set I bought two big packs of yummy foil wrapped chocolate eggs to use on our hunt.
Easter crafts galore at Poundland, I opted for two Make your own Easter friends sets, one bunny, one chick that comes with everything you need to make your very own hand puppet. I came across palm pet whilst browsing the rest of the range and thought I would give him a home, when the two round metal bits underneath him come in contact with skin he makes a cute chirping sound.

Poundland have everything you will need to enjoy a good Easter with your children and of course each item was £1 each.

Easter challenge was part of the Poundland ambassador program, I received vouchers to allow me to check what range they sell.

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  1. These are all so lovely. Kids will surely enjoy making these for the Easter holiday.