Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Disabled children are not animals

I came across an article today that honestly made my blood turn cold then boil! Cornwall County councillor Colin Brewer is said to have said and I quote
 "disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down", would provoke a response and a debate into the issue of service costs provision, but said he "did not get the reaction he wanted".

 The article went on to say that he has returned home to consider his position. For me being a mum to a child that has a disability that will be with them for the rest of their lives, to read these words it is like being told my child does not deserve the air he breathes because of what? it costs the government too much! My son smiles, laughs, jumps, tells jokes, is full of warmth and compassion, he would do anything for anyone! He loves school, loves his friends, loves his family and they all love him too. 

My child has as much right to be here as each and everyone of us placed on this Earth.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Memory Monday 7/2013

Captain Hook

Memory Monday this week is a project I am working on in my son's room of a Peter Pan themed wall mural. He shares his bedroom with his little sister so it needed to have something girly in there too so Tinkerbell will be drawn above her cot with Peter Pan looking down on my boy. This one wall has Smee, Captain Hook and tick tock Croc. I love the drawing part but painting seems to take forever.

To join in with Memory Monday click on the image below to find out more.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tree Fu Tom Twitter Party

Do you have a Tree Fu Tom fan? I am very lucky to have been 1 of the chosen 20 bloggers to host a Tree Fu Tom Party on twitter, on the 19th February from 4pm till 6pm and the great news is, you can come too! Just follow @UKMumstv and the hash tag #treefutomtoys so you don't miss a thing, you will have chances to win a prize. You can join me too @mummy2five1 for virtual cake and to find out how my party goes in the crazy house that I call home.

19th February

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Shrove Tuesday results in organised chaos

It has be talked about for days, "mum how many days till pancake day?" then"I'm having syrup" and "I'm having lemon" has been said far too many times already that I feel like I have already ate a belly full of pancakes.

So the day comes and being my organised self, we leave it till today to buy the good old Jif.....why did I think this was a good idea? I always have flour in & our chickens keep us in a good supply of eggs so would it have been so hard to pick up a bottle of Jif last week?. We arrive at Tesco to find the space where Jif lives empty, not 1 bottle in sight, searching up and down the isles like I am searching for gold but I arrive back at the shopping trolley empty handed! You can not have pancakes without lemon so the search for Jif begins.

 I struck gold! we located lots of happy little fake lemons of Jif in our local shop and I am not surprised that lots still sat in the box when they were priced at 80p per fake lemon. One fake lemon doesn't cover it so I bought 3, I begrudgingly handed over my £2.40 to the cashier knowing I had just been robbed, had I been organised I could have bought a big bottle for less than £2.40. I was also kicking myself that a few days prior to this I had thrown a bottle away because it had passed its used by date, I regret doing this because I am sure we would have come to no harm if we would have used it. 

One bag of flour, 15 eggs, a cow worth of milk and a pinch of salt later, pancake production line begins, my husband at the hob and I positioned down the other end of the kitchen armed with strawberry syrup, golden syrup, sugar and that damn Jif. As usual in our house the youngest get fed 1st, T and R request strawberry syrup, okay R doesn't request this but it is what she is having. My husband successfully flips their pancakes into the air much to the kids amazement and then they settle down to their sticky pancakes.

Next up is the eldest 3, they all request different toppings and the kitchen slowly turns into a eye smarting work space(I think my pans have seen better days) My husband quickly gets the pancakes to me to cover in a sticky mess and the kids quickly devour every last bit. C my eldest put away pancakes so quick I am certain she forgot to chew! Whilst walking back from the dining table I catch R rubbing her hair with the syrup coated pancake, just as I go to stop her T wails that he has had enough! He is excused from the table after hardly eating half due to being a bit poorly and as I bend down to pick thrown pancake up off the floor that is when she gets me!. The sticky pancake hits me straight on the head whilst R let out a right good giggle. Not happy with just one piece hitting me she continues to throw the rest in my will be much easier when she learns the words I have finished!

We both look a right mess with sticky hair that has now gone hard enough that I am scared to move my hair just in case I snap a piece off. We will have to managed with sticky hair for a while because we had still not eaten, about 15 pancakes later we finally sit to eat our own, and they were delicious.
 I had planned to take some pictures of the pancakes so I could write up our recipe but in all the madness I failed to do so.

Maybe next year will be less manic and I shall stock up on Jif
I am thankful Shrove Tuesday is just once a year 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Memory Monday 6/2013

Memory Monday involves a feathery fellow this week. I was doing the washing up when I noticed a rather large dark object in the trees that are to the front of my house. I first thought it was a resident wood pigeon but then it looked too large for ones I have seen around here so I grabbed my camera and ran out into the snow. Just as I reached a good spot to take a better picture it flew off on me, displaying its huge wing span as it soared over the farmers fields. 
If anyone knows what type of bird it is from this image(not the greatest picture) please do let me know as I would love to know.  

Monday, 4 February 2013

Memory Monday 5/2013

Memory Monday is here again and this week it is a picture of my freckled faced princess M, who is off on her first overnight stay school trip. She left super excited telling me about all the fun things she could be doing, on the list was canoeing! she has left me super nervous. 
You never seem to get used to the overnight school trips.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Parenthood preconceptions

Lay in bed last night with my 19 month old daughter doing the star fish in the middle of us I started to think of what I thought about parenthood before having children. I had so many preconceived ideas about parenthood that I was actually put off having any children. My teens were spent baby sitting for my nieces and nephews, each time their parents left I would clock watch, watching the time tick by till they come home so I could get on with doing what ever a teenager would do. I swore I would never have children so I never had that responsibility, then age 17 I found myself pregnant, my life changed forever, my opinions were never the same, my children became my life.

Before having children I would giggle at the parent in the supermarket who's child went all rigid, fighting, using every muscle in their tiny bodies to keep their body as stiff as a wooden board, stopping the parent from fastening them into the trolley. This fight could go on for a while and I would mutter to myself, never my child. 

I then became a mum, only my child worked out the rigid baby trick only really works if they are being put into a pushchair, in a shopping trolley the stiff legs can easily be manoeuvred into the 2 square holes. My child has fine tuned her skill, so what has my child learn't? one leg in, one leg out! She knows that I can't hold her and get both feet into the holes at the same time, I get one leg in and she allows you to think you have the upper hand, just as you have the 2nd leg through the bars the 1st leg comes out again, making victory disappear from your grasp. This can go on for as long as my child has the energy(at 19 months she has lots of energy), I am fully aware people are looking, the same look I would give pre parenthood. I admit defeat, the only way around it is to never go shopping alone. 

From the moment you become pregnant your life changes.
That pregnant lady that you see stroking her bump whilst out shopping is really trying to hold the weight off her bladder whilst she seeks out a clean public toilet.
That make up bag that you have spent way too much money on its contents lies untouched for months on end when your baby arrives, you know that it will take you one hour just to get the baby ready to go out and by then you are just too exhausted to care about make up.
That expensive perfume that you would douse yourself in before parenthood is replaced by the aroma of eau de baby, now eau de baby can vary in smell from baby talc to vomit depending on what kind of day you had. 
Those fabulous full perky boobs that come a few days after delivery will disappear leaving lovely deflated, south facing boobs much to your husband disappointment, he never even got to play with them, because lets be honest just moving your arm against them damn well hurts when they are full of milk.

Then comes the co-sleeping, you will hear it over and over, "never share your bed with your baby or toddler" "you will make a rod for your own back". Now I know many mums who did co-sleep, it worked for them and their baby sleeps well without them now. I managed to go from baby no1-4 without sharing my bed, then along came little lady who had other ideas. It started out when she was a little under the weather one night, I brought her into bed for a cuddle, we both fell asleep. From that night her lovely cot bed has remained empty & my husband and I sleep with a star fish in bed with us, a star fish who has perfected the skill of waking us in the morning by either A. giving us a firm slap across the face or B sitting on our heads. 

So before you snigger at that struggling mum in the supermarket, just think that could be you one day.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cosatto You2 Twin Golightly Pushchair

I have put together a short video showing you the main features of the Cosatto You2 Twin Golightly Pushchair. Yes I am full of a cold so sound a bit funny in the video, feel free to send me Beechams and tissues that don't want to pull the skin off my nose. However if you are reading this later than 3 days since it was posted I am sure I am fighting fit again and no longer need Beechams or tissues.
Back to the pushchair, you can read my full written review of the You2 Twin.