Thursday, 3 January 2013

Winter Cabin Fever

Okay cabin fever may be the wrong description but it sure felt like cabin fever, the kids were climbing the walls, bored with the thrill of having new toys(I won't bother next year). Mum, mum, mum constantly being yelled throughout the house mean't we needed to get out & do something, but what?. December has been a complete washout, rain, rain and more rain has fallen onto the Welsh land that I call home. I shouldn't complain, we are lucky that we live where we do on high ground, it means we have been saved from all the flooding that has been on the news from all over the UK.
School doesn't open till the 8th so we needed a day out for the kids to run around & lose some built up energy. I needed to put the Cosatto you2 Golightly through its paces some more, with a break in the weather I took the opportunity to get out!. Our day out was at our local country park, we invited my brother in law, sister in law, niece & mother in law along which gave us the vary rare opportunity to all be together and allow the kids to all be together for a change.

The day was a great day, it never rained but we all came home covered in mud. You have not had a good day in the countryside unless you come home with half of it in your boots. The river was swollen, where we normally stand to skim stones across the calm part of the river was now covered by fast flowing water so there was no way we were going to kick off our shoes to go paddling today!.
 credit Mr B Dodd
We saw rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, chickens, goats, sheep(one had an itchy butt by the way it was rubbing it on the fence), a donkey, llama's & ponies, who took a shine to big T(no animal ever takes a shine to him they all run away from him).
 He was running alongside the fence & the ponies kept chasing him like they wanted to play, they followed him all the way up the field. Little T wanted to play with them too so started to run, my husband shouted out to stop running as he would slip but the warning came too late!

He fell, splat! right into a the muddiest patch that I had saw on the whole walk. One particular pony liked M, it managed to nibble on her ear whilst she posed for a picture & them taste tested her coat. We learn't today not to get too close to ponies to pose for a picture.

Covered in mud we started heading to the park to have one last play before heading home, Liv my niece decided it was all too much so fell asleep just before we reached the park so missed out on the fun of playing with her cousins so we will have to have another park play date soon. R is obsessed with the slide & insists on going on it over & over, when I took pictures of her I noticed she shuts her eyes tight till she has reached the bottom whilst the whole time she is giggling, the pictures look even funnier when grouped together in a collage.

May the weather continue to be torrential rain free so we can enjoy more days in the great outdoors.

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  1. This is a lovely post and I agree it is so good to get out after all the rain we have had! Love you to add this to my Country Kids linky too.