Sunday, 2 December 2012

Twister Dance

Hasbro have brought out a whole new twist to Twister with Twister Dance, what I like about the Twister Dance is you don't need more that one player to get yourself in a twist. We as a family love Twister so we set up the Twister Dance to have a play as a family. In the box you get 1 dance console that also can be used as a speaker & 8 coloured spots(2 of each colour). The dance console will need 4xAA batteries in order to work, you do get some in but they are demo batteries so will run out quickly.

You can play alone or along side another player, position the coloured spots on the floor as shown in the instructions according to what song you have chosen. You get 5 songs which once they are repeated over & over can get a little bit annoying but fear not you can connect your MP3 player to the dance console & play your own music, the dance console comes with clever beat detection technology so it will produce a dance routine to your own tracks too. The speaker also comes with volume control which is great for when you have heard the same track coming from behind the bedroom door for the 5th time in a short space of time.

The speaker will flash a colour to the left & to the right of the speaker & your feet then need to go onto that spot thus teaching you the dance moves well the leg dance moves anyway. There are 3 levels beginner, intermediate & advance. I am okay on beginner but as soon as I go up a level I look like bambi on ice to flashes of colour & so to my girls so I think you should start off on beginner & then move up a level once you have mastered that level. I would recommend playing with socks only because if you have bare feet or shoes on the spots will stick to you feet or move. It is suitable for ages 8+ & can be bought from Toys R Us for £19.49, I think this is excellent value especially as you are able to connect it to your MP3 player so you have a wider range of music.

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