Saturday, 1 December 2012

Trash Pack Trash Street Sweeper

12 Days of Christmas brings to you the Trash Pack Street Sweeper, keeping the carpet clean from Trashies. In the set you get 1 Trash Pack Street Sweeper, 2 trashies with 2 bins. 
Push along your sweeper watching the yellow brushes rotate ready to sweep up those trashies, once they have been swept up crash your sweeper to watch the back of the street sweeper come away releasing the trashies. 

The Trash Pack launched in December 2011 and already over 3 million individual Trashies have been collected. Boys are eagerly awaiting the release of Series 3, which will be available before Christmas, and includes loads more gross characters to discover. 

Clean up your neighbourhood with the Trashie Street Sweeper (SRP £19.99)- a must have toy for this Christmas. Watch as the rotten rollers rotate and sweep your Trashies into the waste catcher! Crash your sweeper and watch as the waste catcher ejects freeing your Trashies! Comes with two exclusive Trashies and their bins!

My son  loves sweeping them up & plays with it often, both the doors on the sweeper open allowing one or both or your trashies to take control over the Trash Pack road sweeper.
This toy is suitable for ages 5 years & over.

I received this product as part of the 12 days of Christmas

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