Monday, 3 December 2012

Tis the season of good flu

With winter comes snow filled clouds & frost covered fields all glistening in the mornings sun but that is not all winter brings, winter brings in the flu season. The one downside to having a large family is that once one has had it guaranteed another will catch it in our house, it will then get us one by one & sometimes return to its 1st victim(usually one of the kids) & the cycle begins again.

Little R is calling up for a chat to her Nanna, I think she is secretly asking to escape from the flu zone

Breaking that cycle in winter seems near impossible, so today we had a trip to the Dr's with little R, her symptoms have gone from a raging temperature to a hoarse voice to a streaming nose & now a cough that seems to rattle her whole body....the diagnosis a viral infection! I may have got her seen a bit quicker than some but with whooping cough on the rise again it is better to be safe than sorry & after having one child in hospital with pneumonia as a baby I tend to be a little more paranoid about coughs. 
Like I mentioned earlier others in our home will catch it, I have got off lightly with a sore throat but daddy2five sounds like he is about to come down with a major case of man flu so he now has myself & my mother in law on his back making sure he is keeping up on the man flu tablets aka beechams.
I will place a bet now though that C & big T will hardly come down with a cold, I don't know what it is with them two but they are hardly sick & when they do catch something it is gone within a day or two.

How do you cope with the seasonal flu? 

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