Sunday, 16 December 2012

Rug Doctor

I have been sent a 
wonderful Rug Doctor to use to spruce up the carpets & sofa in my home. I have seen them before in many stores ready for hire but have never hired one. It came at a brilliant time as everyone has family visiting over the festive period & you will want your home looking it's best. Many go out & buy new carpets at Christmas time but there is no need as the Rug Doctor brings up your carpets looking great & it also takes out any lingering smells that your carpet is holding.
Having recently moved house & had fresh new carpets down I decided to give my mother in laws carpet a good clean, after all they have been down for around 2 decades. Following the instructions is straight forward & very easy to do. The solution I received was enough to do 1 large hall, stairs & landing, one large dining room, 1 large bathroom & 3 rugs with some solution left over. The tool that comes with it to do the stairs & around the edge of the room is a great tool & easy to attach and use.
I took the opportunity to clean my cream sofa & it brought it up a right treat, for this I bought my own Rug Doctor upholstery cleaning solution. I thought it would have left the sofa much wetter that what it did but the Rug Doctor sucked up most of the water.
Rental prices start from around £22.99 for a 24 hour hire & the solution is around £10 for a 1 litre bottle, this price I have to say is really cheap considering how much you can get done in one day.
I would recommend hiring a Rug Doctor to family & friends & will also hire in the future when needed it left the carpets smelling fresh & also brought up any dirt to make them looking fresh again.

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  1. I am using a carpet cleaning machine from rug doctor and recommend them to all my friends.