Monday, 3 December 2012

Pregnant? you need Bounty

So all the months of waiting & testing have come to an end with those 2 little lines on a pregnancy test, you may have dreamt about this moment, played it over & over in your mind. You will be grinning like a cat that got the cream in one breath then worrying the next. So your pregnant, your body will be in overdrive working really hard to get those precious cells into a fully formed beautiful baby, through your pregnancy week by week you can check on the progress of your baby from the size of an apple pip all the way up to the end, each week it will tell you about babies at that weeks gestation & says how you may be feeling. Each week it will give advice on what to be doing to be prepared, so if you are expecting I recommend you save the the pregnancy site Bounty in your favourites because it will become your favourite read.

Throughout all of my pregnancies I used Bounty to read up on all the latest checks that I should be having, I loved seeing how big my precious cargo would be each week, I know what you are all thinking! a mother of 5 doesn't need Bounty but you do!. I was surprised at how much things change over the years like how to put a baby down to sleep or even weaning. On every child I have happily collected my Bounty pack just before leaving the hospital, it is filled with leaflets of advice & great samples to try.
So if you are expecting or already have your baby bring Bounty into your life.

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