Thursday, 6 December 2012

Operation Christmas Child

 A while back I approached a few wonderful brands that I had previously reviewed for & asked if they would like to donate some small items to help me fill shoe boxes for operation Christmas Child. The response I had was fantastic, two companies came forward with donations, bags of cute animal themed pencils arrived from John Crane Toys & a box full of Santa & Rudolf figures from WOW toys, I then had to find a hiding place because I knew that if my children saw them they would chew my ear off for them. John Crane toys put a shout out for me, trying to drum up more companies to get involved. It worked because Meadow Kids came into my life with the offer of some toys to help me fill the shoe boxes so imagine my surprise when 2 huge boxes landed at my door(There was no way I could hide those), I had more than what I needed as family had bought toys & my sister in law who blogs at Life with Liv had also contributed with items to fill the boxes along with my trips to Poundland. 

I manage to get my mother in law to help me wrap the boxes up & then fill them, my dining table looked like a shoe box production line. We managed a total of 18 boxes, 2 off my goal of 20 & that was only because I had ran out of shoe boxes. I knew my son's school takes part every year in filling boxes so I decided to donate the rest of the wonderful items that I had to the school to help them to fill their boxes. I took the rest of the toys along with our 18 boxes to his school & was overwhelmed with the response we received. The school was very grateful & asked us if we would appear in the paper with them & of course we agreed.

Along with our 18 boxes the school managed to send 123 filled boxes to Operation Christmas Child, I think that is fantastic because 123 children will receive a gift because of them & I am proud to be a part of it. When I arrived to have our picture taken & to be interviewed I was handed thank you cards from the children in my sons class, reading them made me me realise what a wonderful school my son attends & it is because of them he is doing as well as he is academically.

The Thank you cards that are for everyone who helped 

My turn now to say thank you, firstly thank you to John Crane Toys, WOW Toys & Meadow Kids I could not have filled as many boxes without your very kind donations. Thank you to my family members who have bought items & for helping me to wrap the boxes too. Thank you to my sons school for all being wonderful & having the most pleasant, welcoming staff & pupils & a special thanks for the lovely thank you letters.

If you would be interested in following what happens once your boxes have been sent follow Mummy from the heart's Blog & read about her trip to Belarus with Operation Christmas Child.  

Mummy2five x


  1. wow, what an achievement, big well done to you hun x

  2. Ahh big well done and I see you are in Wrexham the birthplace of OCC. Mich x

    1. Thank you, I do indeed, My sons school was telling me it was the birth place & I am not 100% but I think they said that the founder was involved in my sons school some how, I didn't take it all in properly because my son was on a high because I was in his school & it is hard to remember anything when he is like that haha

    2. It might not have been the founder but it was someone who was involved from the start.