Tuesday, 4 December 2012

My boys is growing up

Please tell me I am not the only parent that struggles when their child gets older each year! My eldest son big T turned 11....yes 11 last week & for some reason I really struggled with him leaving age 10 behind. I am not sure if it is because he doesn't look like a 11 year old or the fact that they are no longer babies that I find so hard but this year really hit me hard. I called up my mother in law to have a chat & I was moaning  telling her how sad it was to believe he was going to be 11 when we woke up which then turned into how old all the children will be next year & then I began talking about when little R will begin nursery when she stopped me, expecting to hear some words of wisdom I listened then she said "thanks are you trying to depress me" haha I am obviously not the only person who struggles with the little people getting older.

The morning of his birthday he was very giddy & kept repeating that he was 11, at least he was happy & I think the big pile of toys & the lovely Ben10 cake made his day. He came in from school with gifts & cards & happily told us all about his day. We then all enjoyed a little tea party & ate cake....the Ben10 cake...that I made all by myself(I will tell you all how I did it soon).

So another year has gone & another lot of birthday memories made, lets hope we make many more memories from now till his 12th(gulp) birthday


  1. Lol, wait till he is13, that's when it hit me that my oldest wasn't a little one anymore, even though he is still little! X

    1. My eldest is 13 next, why do they grow up so quickly.