Tuesday, 4 December 2012

In the world of horses

 Growing up I was a typical child that dreamt of owning a horse one day, that dream has never left me & I honestly don't think it ever will. My girls also have the same dream, they often yell as they are rushing out of the door "mum just going to the horses field" just as I did as a child. When I was a teenager my best friend purchased her first horse, as soon as I saw her I fell totally in love, her name is April. 

Now April was a bit flighty to begin with but after a bit of schooling she soon settled down into the perfect horse & I loved pulling on my jodhpurs & boot & heading off to the farm after school each day. I didn't even mind mucking out in the freezing weather it was all worth it to get to ride her.

I know owning a horse doesn't come cheaply not only do you have to feed & stable the horse there is tack & your own must have clothing that needs to be bought. The Equestrian Clearance has a huge range of riding boots & so much more that I would quite happily spend some money on but I don't own a horse(yet), I am guilty of owning a pair of Jodhpurs that have never been worn that I refuse to get rid of because I know one day I will get my very own horse & get to use them. That day might be when the children have all grown up but I am patient and can wait till the time is right. For now I will have to make do with walking down the isles of tack & feed & taking in the gorgeous smell that I love.

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