Thursday, 20 December 2012

I am an auntie.....

Last week on the 12/12/12 my gorgeous nephew Callum was born 2 days early, my sister in law had said it would be great if he was to be born on that day as he would have a super cool birth date, I don't think for one minute that she thought that it would actually become his birth date.
He was born at 9:03 which is funny because 9+3=12, small things like this amuse me. My sister in law did brilliant on just gas & air, I however was in the bad books as her midwife (as she called me) I failed to answer my phone as previously agreed. My phone had been place on silence during the day whilst we were watching our children's Christmas concerts & I forgot to take it off silent so unfortunately I missed the important phone calls. I was that surprised when she called to say she had, had him I kind of said "shut up, no you haven't" I then heard my gorgeous nephew crying in the background which then left me shocked.
I had to wait a whole five days before I got to give him a huge cuddle & when we arrived after a 70 mile journey I managed to wait a whole 30 minutes before scooping him up because he was peacefully snoozing in his crib. You forget how tiny newborns are, my 18 month old daughter suddenly seemed like a giant compared to him & considering he is the 1st baby she has come across since she started toddling about she was brilliant & wanted to cuddle him, she sat with him on her lap with her left hand softly patting his shoulder whilst her right hand gently stroked his tiny hands.
To make up for not answering my phone I made my sister in law a special cake, one of her favourites. She did share with some of her guest I am told but the rest she ate herself & has already asked when I shall be making another!. I will make as many cakes as she likes so long as I get to cuddle my little man. 
Our next visit will be soon, we need to take lots of pictures whilst he is still tiny, so I shall set up my mini studio & turn click happy one again & get the occasional cuddle in-between.
God I love newborn babies & Callum is one of 15 of my nieces & nephews so I have had plenty of practice at perfecting the Auntie role. 

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  1. 15 nieces and nephews!!!! Wow! I don't think I could remember that many names! I had my first nephew this year and it is lovely. I sadly haven't met him in person yet, only over Skype, but am looking forward to after my little one comes. Your cake looks lovely by the way :)