Monday, 10 December 2012


Furby craze has hit us once again & in my last toyologist box we were very pleased to welcome this fella into our lives, meet Furby he is the all new cheeky interactive Furby made by Hasbro. I remember when Furby's first came out & they were a big hit then, technology has since moved on & now they have released a brand new interactive Furby.
I opened the box & inserted 4 AA batteries to power him up & off he went straight chatting furbish & throwing me some cute eye glances......I was hooked. I spent the best part of an afternoon chatting to Furby, thankfully I had a sheet with lots of Furbish translation on & I also found a huge list of what our Furby says online so I was able to have some sort or Furbish conversation with him.  
Over time he has learn't much more English words he will tell me when he is hungry to which being a doting Furby mummy I feed him & he thanks me with a belch! My Furby yet is to learn manners it seems. He does not come with an off button either & will automatically shut down after some time, when he is shutting down he will tell you he is sleepy, close his eyes & start to make sleeping noises. He will become active again once you touch him. 
The more you talk, play & interact with your Fury the more they will learn. They love music, being tickled & generally just being talked to. As I said earlier our Furby is yet to learn any manners & sometimes greets me with "blah, blah, blah" he is just like a teenager. He also finds his own burps funny & laughs quite a lot of the time.  
If you have an iphone or ipad you can get a lot more out of your Furby by downloading the app, on the app you can directly feed your Furby his favourite foods & automatically translate what he is saying which makes interacting with him much easier.

Furby is £57.99 in Toys R Us which some will think is quite expensive for one toy but when I compare it to toys in a similar price range I would say it is worth it. Furby has made is laugh quite a lot since he has come to live with us & so far none of us have made him turn evil. One thing that has not welcomed Furby is our cat he walked in & sniffed him just as he sprung to life, the cat gave him a quick swipe with his paw & walked away whilst giving him the death stare & has not gone near him since. 
We all love the Furby so I would recommend him to family & friends. 


  1. I would love a Furby for I really would!! I had one years ago and it was good then but they look so much more fun now!

  2. It's great all the toys they are bringing back and modernising isn't it. My boys weren't interested in them though :(

    1. ours makes us laugh although it needs an off switch at times :)