Monday, 10 December 2012

Ben 10 Omnitrix Touch

 In our last box my boys were delighted to discover the Ben 10 Omnitrix Touch. Both the boys enjoy watching Ben 10 especially big T who would watch it and pretend he had special watch with special powers just like Ben 10. The Omnitrix is the device that Ben 10 uses to transform himself into different aliens. Attaching the Omnitrix Touch to your childs arm is easy, put the 3 prongs into the 3 holes, the lip on the 3 prongs hold it into place & my boys can both take it off easily but need help to put it on. It comes with an on/off switch so you don't have to wait for it to shut down & it is suitable for children ages 4 & over, it fits both of my boys ages 4 & 11 perfectly.

The Omnitrix Touch has 3 different modes, mode 1 is alien voices, pressing around the edges of the circle in various places & then touching the centre activates different alien voices. Mode 2 is random sound effects, pressing on the circle if different areas makes a different sound & mode 3 is to unlock secret messages, you look out for the codes on some specially marked Ben 10 products.

Both of my boys have loved playing with the Omnitrix touch, it can be bought from Toy R Us for £23.99 which is what I would pay for this toy & I would recommend it to family & friends.

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