Saturday, 22 December 2012

Barefoot Books review

 Here in my household some of us a real book worms, my youngest son loves to be read to & is room is slowly starting to look like a library. When Barefoot Books sent me three books to review the girls & little T all wanted to look at the books.

This book book was by far my favourite & M made a claim on this book straight away. I grew up in a place know as poets corner, our streets & road were all named after famous poets such as Tennyson, Wordsworth & Byron just to name a few. I looked at the contents & went straight to page 122, why? well the poem called The Poet's song is written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson and having lived on Tennyson Road for the most part of my life, it had to be the first poem I read in this book. The hardback copy can be bought from Barefoot books for just £14.99 & is suitable for all ages, throughout the book it has illustration the matches the poem perfectly. The Barefoot book of Classic poems features 72 poems & along side each poem is the poets name & poem title, it really is a great book for anyone who enjoys poetry. 

The Adventures of Achilles
I am no huge fan of Greek Mythology but my husband and eldest daughter are so this book appealed to them much more than me. The adventures of Achilles tells the tales of Achilles who was a Greek hero in the Trojan war. The only knowledge I had about Achilles before reading the book is the Achilles heel, but know I know much more. The book is captivating & comes with illustration on each page, there are 96 pages spread across 12 chapters & the epilogue. The copy I received is hardback & also comes with 2 full length story CDs for just £15.99 which I think is worth it. It is suitable for ages 8+ which is right, I wouldn't read it to a younger child.

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is a paperback copy that can be bought for £6.99 from Barefoot books, it retells the classical story by Hans Christian Andersen. It is suitable for ages 8+ so only my girls could enjoys this book, they both really enjoyed reading the story & said they would both read the story again. It tells the tale of 1 girl on the quest to save her best friend from the evil Snow Queen's frozen ice palace, overcoming obstacles whilst she battle to save her friend does evil or a warm heart win? You will have to read the book to find out because I shall not spoil the story for you. 

I would recommend all 3 books they captivated myself & my children & I will be buying more books from the Barefoot range.
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I received the 3 books for the purpose of the review only, all wording, images & opinions are of my own. 

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  1. I love Barefoot books. We have quite a collection, mostly for the younger children, with singalong CDs, and both of my guys love them. The illustrations are superb too.