Sunday, 2 December 2012

Avengers Quinjet vehicle Playset

In our final Toys R Us toyologist
 box we had the Avengers Quinjet vehicle playset, my eldest is a big fan of Ironman so this I know he would love this & my youngest son who is 4 has also started to show an interest in the Avengers. In the box you get the vehicle which they say is the most powerful transport & assault vehicle ever built, a tail wing, 2 side wings, 2 missiles, a label sheet & Iron man.

Setting it up was nice & easy all you have to do is attach the tail & side wings then attach the labels/stickers and you are good to go. Iron Mad can be the pilot in the cockpit or fly at the side using the flight clip. The wing tips are movable & the cargo bay at the rear of the plane opens. Have fun when you fire the 2  missiles at the enemy which turns out is me apparently. 

The only problem we found was when we pressed on the missile holder to lift up the launcher it would come off so each time we had to put it back in which wasn't a problem it would just be better if it didn't come off each time. Little T loved to pretend he was flying around attacking the enemy with his Quinjet & Ironman. The Avengers Quinjet vehicle playset is suitable for children ages 4 years & over & can be bought from Toys R Us for £32.99 at the minute which I would say it about right for this Avengers toy.

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