Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Transformers Prime Cyberverse - Energon Driller

Little T is new to Transformers, his older brother & sister are big fans so we did have to hide the Transformer Prime Cyberverse vehicle from them. We were given Energon Driller to review, which is 2 parts, the vehicle and the transformer. The transformer prime figure is really simple to transform, it is much easier to do than the larger transformers but they do however lack the detailing that the larger ones have. In the car mode the weapons can be added to the top & side of it & in Robot mode they can be attached to its hands. The vehicle Energon Driller can carry up to 3 transformers, it comes with an Energon booster which can be attached to various points on the vehicle one being the Drill this then lights up the drill, it also can be added to the weapons that the transformer holds making them glow red.

The drill on the vehicle will spin once the purple button with the decepticon logo on is pressed, I found this only worked if the side missile launchers were open. It will also spin if the vehicle pushed along. The 2 sides will flip open & closed when the red lever  positioned just behind the where the transformer stands is pushed & pulled, this action is sometimes smooth but I have had to push them in by hand a few times. If the yellow missiles are positioned in the launcher then this will fire them out shooting forward, little T kept trying to knock small items over with them however his aim is not quite up to scratch.

It is suitable for ages 5+ & can be bought from Toys R Us for £22.99. Over all it is a good transformer set & would make a great 1st transformer toy. 

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