Saturday, 24 November 2012

Scatter Brainz Darts 12 days of Christmas

 The Scatter Brainz darts are perfect for stocking fillers, they are available to buy in packs of 3 or 8 & are suitable for ages 5+. The rrp is from £4.99 which is a great price for them as they actually work. I gave them to big T & off he went to his room, I stuck the target onto the back of his door & pretty much left him to it. I then heard "muuuuum" coming from his room so I went to investigate, I walked in & asked him what the matter was & he just looked up. 

Moving my gaze from his eyes up to the ceiling I spied all the darts just sitting there, stuck on my nicely painted white ceiling, I crossed my fingers & hoped they had not left horrid marks like many toys that stick to things do. Thankfully after knocking them all off(they are very sticky) I breathed a sigh of relief, no marks at all not even one.

There is 64 different darts to collect & 6 different dart boards to collect. The darts each have a soft sticky brain that will stick to pretty much anything & everything, I would advise that you don't drop them onto the carpet though because they will pick up all the fluff from it & this will stop them sticking.

My son loved playing with the Scatter Brainz Darts so I would recommend them to family & friends.

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