Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rivetz Giant Hornet - 12 days of Christmas

In my 12 days of Christmas box I have the innovative new Technokit Rivetz kit of the Giant hornet, boys who love to build, will be captivated by these new Rivetz kits as they learn how to snap and fix pieces of the pre-cut, decorated card together to create a giant sculpture of a Giant Hornet.

Each Rivetz kit contains coloured, glossy card, the patented Rivetz Gun and the all-important Rivetz that once fitted together, make giant models that can be displayed on a shelf, desk or hung from the ceiling. The unique feature about these kits is that the Rivetz Gun can also remove the Rivetz without damaging the card, so the sculptures can be taken apart and rebuilt with friends whenever they wish.

The kits can be bought for £12.99, they will keep the kids entertained for hours whilst they put it together to create their very own Giant Hornet, my son loves bugs so this kit is just perfect for him.

Also available in the collection is a Dragon & a Racer 

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