Saturday, 10 November 2012

Ravensburger 3D puzzle Big Ben

We were thrilled to be offered the Ravensburger 3D Big Ben puzzle because we all love puzzles, there is something about them that help me relax & my girls really enjoy them just as much. My son loves Big Ben ever since we took him to London last year so he was amazed to watch all of the 216 plastic pieces fix together to create a miniature model of Big Ben. All the pieces are numbered on the back with an arrow to show you the direction on where the next piece is to be placed so putting it together was rather easy. If you want a bit of a challenge then you can always put it together by eye. It is suitable for ages 10-99 so sorry if you have made it to the ripe old age of 100 this puzzle is not for you. My children all enjoyed putting the pieces together & their small fingers came in handy for any fiddly bits at the top. The pieces are all made of plastic & the corner pieces are all hinged so when it is complete you will have a sturdy structure of Big Ben that stands 41cm tall & it comes with its own base if you would like to put it on display.

The RRP of the Ravensburger 3D Big Ben puzzle is £19.99 
We enjoyed putting it together so I would recommend it to family & friends.

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