Friday, 9 November 2012

Pokemon Pokadex

Last out of our box is Pokadex, the most advanced Pokadex around. It is only last because the only thing I know about Pokamon is Pikachu, that is where my knowledge ends. The Pokadex is suitable for ages 4+, because my children know nothing about Pokamon I left them to play with the Pokadex without telling them what it actually does. Little T who is 4 shown little interest but M who is 8 has taught herself about a few Pokamon through just playing & doing the challenges. The Pokadex allows you to look up 45 of the Unova Region Pokemon, it gives you the option to look up their stats & hear their full names spoken, this for me is great because it saves me trying to pronounce a Pokemon name.

Under the challenge section, you can challenge your Pokemon knowledge, the challengers are;
Who's that Pokemon? It will show you a silhouette of 3 Pokemon & ask which Pokemon is Musharna for example.
Who has the advantage? It gives you 2 Pokemon & asks you who has the advantage. 
Which doesn't belong? It gives you the options of 3 Pokemon & asks who doesn't belong.
Pokemon Trainer Quiz? It makes a statement & you have to say if the statement is true or false.

By playing the challenges you quickly build up your knowledge so even if you are new to Pokemon the Pokadex will soon have you playing like a pro. It is the right size for small hands & is easy to navigate around, it is not too heavy either. The music can become quite annoying for us adults but thankfully there is a volume control in the options. A child would only be able to play whilst they have light & the only way they could make the Pokadex better is by making the screen light up so a child could play it in darker conditions.
It requires 3 AAA batteries & the pokadex automatically switches off when not being played to save battery life

Pokadex can be bought from Toys R Us for £29.99 

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