Thursday, 1 November 2012

Our Halloween fun

Happy Halloween!

We had a little party at home for the kids like we do every year. This year was the first year R got to join in because last year I spent the whole time decorating our new house ready for us to move in. Thankfully R does not flinch at the sight of a scary mask & will even happily give me a kiss whilst wearing one, maybe I look better whilst wearing a mask. All of the kids have been eagerly awaiting Halloween & have been counting down the days.

Their costumes came from Matalan & Asda, all were great prices too which comes in handy when I have 5 to buy. R surprisingly wore the headband that came with her Lady Bird outfit & looked super cute, despite the tights making her look like Nora Batty. Big T loved dressing as a scary Clown & kept the mask on too, I thought I would end up doing a last minute face paint because he can be funny sometimes with putting masks on. Little T was a pirate surprise, surprise, he is a massive fan of pirates so he spent the night waving his sword and hook at us.
C dressed as a cat, I did however have to use a mask that I were sent in a lovely Disney box as the mask that came with it didn't look right. She was also warm when she went out to Trick or Treat. M was a stunning prom queen, nothing scary about her costume, she refused to wear the sash after it kept falling off her shoulder & I could not locate the safety pins. They all looked fabulous in their costumes. little T & Big T were responsible for handing out sweets to all who were brave enough to knock on our door. little T said to every who came "Take just 2 sweets, my Nanna says you can take 2 sweets". When Daddy & Uncle Barry knocked on in their scary masks little T slowly backed away from the door & refused to offer them sweets, they must have looked a bit too scary for him(I personally thought it was an improvement).

Looking at our table covered in yummy food, It looked like we were about to feed everyone who knocked on the door but this was just for us, yes we also had loads left over too, well Uncle Barry took away a parcel of food for his lunch for the next day which put a big dent in the left overs.

The cakes I made turned out well, they also tasted great which is the main thing. The spider cakes were a big hit with the kids although they pulled off the legs to avoid eating the liquorice. The orange cakes were topped with buttercream & an iced black cat that I had bought from Sainsburys. 

The haul of sweets that they gathered will last them till Easter. I can not believe how much they crammed into their bags. Auntie Andrea was clever & bought them a little Halloween gift instead, she has seen their past Trick or Treat bags bursting with teeth rotting sweets. The babies bags both R's & my nieces was filled with sweets which I suspect will stay filled for quite some time as we both replace the sweets with something much more suitable like a banana or yoghurt.

Next on the count down list is Bonfire night, next year for Halloween I might make all the adult put on their scary costumes too.


  1. It was great fun :) Missy is going to have her cake after her lunch. I suspect Daddy might be in the chocolate ;)

    1. I have plenty of cakes left over if you need any more :)
      Thanks for coming x Liv looked adorable.