Saturday, 10 November 2012

No way, that's for girls!

Dreaming away

Little T has been having lots of dreams lately, the latest was last whilst he was sleeping at his Nanna's. He woke her up this morning & this is how the conversation went.

little T: "Nanna I had a dream".
Nanna: "Oh did you, was it a good dream or a bad dream"?
little T: "It was a bad dream Nanna"
Nanna: "Oh no, what happened"?
little T: " Santa brought me a Barbie for Christmas & I don't want that because it's for girls".

I think I may be to blame for this dream, I asked him the other day what he wanted for Christmas, he kept saying "I don't know" So I asked him what would he tell Santa if Santa asked & he said "Well if we go to town & see Santa I will just tell him then". I kept teasing him, asking if he would like a Barbie doll & other girls toys so I think I made him have a scary dream about getting a girls toy for Christmas.


  1. its funny how the thoughts process into dreams isn't it, hope Santa doesn't bring him a barbie!

    1. it is funny, I am quite tempted to ask Santa to send him a Barbie doll just to film the reaction haha

  2. He's just like me! My dreams have been so vivid on the medication I'm taking (anti biotics for flu) - I have to be very careful what I watch before I go to sleep. I watched Donnie Darko the other night and woke up scared to death!