Thursday, 29 November 2012

Haba Bobbing Bunny & Quaking Frog

We are nearing the end of out 12 days of Christmas goodies, so now I bring to you a toy made of wood. The Haba bobbing bunny & quaking frog are both made from beech wood which is smoothed off so there are no sharp parts at all, the arms are made of colour coordinated rope & both of them have cute appealing faces & are painted in bright colour which are also non toxic so should your littel one decide to give them the taste test then no harm will come from it. They wobble and rattle, your little one will love these. I love wooden toys because it allows a child's mind to be free from flashes of lights & sound so their own imagination comes out through playing with wooden toys. The RRP is £12.99 which I personally this is a little more than what I would like to pay for one.

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