Thursday, 29 November 2012

Green Science Green Rocket

Has your child ever wanted to make their own rocket & launcher? Well now they can with the Green Science Green Rocket. In the set you get; 1 x stand arm, 1 x launch tube, 1 x flexible pipe, 2 x bottle connector halves, 2 x pipe clamp halves, 2 x foam rocket heads, 12 x fin templates, 2 x rocket templates, 3 x screws, 1 set of small nuts & bolts, 1 set of large nuts, bolts, washer & split washer, 1 x double sided adhesive tape & 1 set of instructions with fun facts. To make your rocket you will also need a small crosshead screwdriver, adhesive tape, old magazines, scissors, & 2 empty plastic bottles.

Once you have made up your green rocket you are ready to launch, stamp on the empty bottle to launch your rocket up into the sky, it can reach heights of up to 25 meters(80 meters).
It is suitable for children ages 8 years & over, the kids will love this Green Science kit, it will make a great stocking filler because the price is just £9.99 & they could experiment with different size bottles to see what size works best.

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