Thursday, 29 November 2012

Go Mini Freestylers

 Our 12 Days of Christmas brought us the Go Mini Freestylers by Golden Bear Toys, there are 5 different cars to collect: Charge, Revs, Tiger, beats & bulldog. The Go Mini Freestylers that we received is Charge, he is painted in green & has flame graphics running down the side of the car. Pressing the button on his bonnet activates the revving sounds & blue lights inside him. His roof features a holographic image of flames that change when you move the car in different directions. He is a free wheeling car & comes with his personalised rear number plate. Little T loves to push charge along, pressing his button to activate the lights & sounds.

The Go Mini Freestylers Charge can be bought for £14.99 straight from the Golden Bear Toys website 

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