Saturday, 3 November 2012

FurReal Bouncy happy to see me pup

When we first opened our 2nd toyologist box, a faint yapping sound greeted us. We pulled out the other toys to discover a FurReal Bouncy happy to see me pup from the makers Hasbro, her head was going wild as she desperately yapped at us to release her. Who can so no to a cute little puppy?, we released her from her box and away she went, spinning around & around whenever her motion detector saw a movement. Whilst little T & R pounced on her I set about reading the instructions. She starts to yap & spin around when she detects motion in front of her, this can be touch or even light changes. If your press her back she will stand still & do a sound which I can only describe as a whimpering sound.

Her fur is soft & she does look adorable, I do think she is aimed more for girls with her pretty pink bows at the base of her ears but my son has enjoyed playing with her as much as my daughters have. They all like to stroke her soft fur then they laugh when she starts to bounce around in circles. They all like to play with her but they don't want to play with her constantly after they have had their fun of her spinning & the odd cuddle they leave her to shut down. I do think a brush should come with her because children would have fun brushing her fur & maybe play with her a little more.

FurReal Bouncy happy to see me pup is suitable for ages 4+. She needs 4 x AA batteries, you do get demo batteries with her but you will need to change these. She can be bought from Toys R Us for £39.99 which is around the price I would expect to pay for an interactive FurReal toy.

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