Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fooz Pro Match set

Foooz Pro match set is brilliant for boys or girls who like football. This set is really handy because you don't need lots of space for a table, your pitch is whatever floor space you have.

In the box
2 x Foooz players
2 x Goals
2 x Balls
2 x click on trick boots
Target & trick cards
Stickers to customise your players

The Foooz Pro Match set allows your child to play with a friend or alone. If playing with a friend they can play a traditional game of football or compete against each other in scoring point for doing the best tricks. To do the tricks on the trick cards just pop on the trick boot & do as it shows on the individual cards.

You can compete against each other or just play alone when you are target practising, Just attach the card board cut out (one supplied) to your goal and try & get your players to score. I sadly could only ever score 10, my football skills don't stretch as far as hitting the 50 hole. 

Stickers in the set allow you to customise your players, the good thing is both players are suitable for left & right handed children.
Tristan loved playing with the Foooz Pro Match set but soon got bored quickly as he is only 4 & the set is suitable for ages 5+. The set can be bought from Toys R Us for just £14.99 which is great value & is great if your child wants a foooz ball table but don't have the room

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