Sunday, 11 November 2012

Deluxe Charm Bracelets

The Deluxe Charm Bracelets from Interplay is a really great set, my daughters love to create things & this set was great for us to sit down together & have a bit of girl time. My eldest loves jewellery so creating her own bracelet means it means more to her than just buying a bracelet from the shops.

In the box you get
2 bracelets
2 gift pouches
10 charms
8 dice charms
80 eyelets
10 charm split rings
7 polymer clay colours
wooden toothpicks
wooden dowel
3 glitter bags
2 craft foils
storage box

You get enough clay & eyelets to make many clay beads so you can make different coloured groups of beads & change them when your daughter feels like it. They are really easy to make & the instructions give you some great ideas. All you will need to do it bake them for around 15 minutes to make the clay go hard & then once they have cooled they are ready to put on your bracelets. We put clear nail varnish over ours to make them glossy. The only difficulties we had was getting the craft foil to work, we followed the instructions but were unsuccessful in making the foil go onto the clay. 

 Both my daughters made their own bracelets, they loved mixing 3 colours together to make the marble effect beads. The Deluxe Charm Bracelet set would make a perfect gift this Christmas, my girls loved it so I am sure other girls will have a great time creating their very own bracelets.
It is suitable for ages 8+, its RRP is £19.99 which is a great price for the amount you get in the set. 
I would recommend this set you family & friends.

I received this set for the purpose of the review only, all opinions are my own.

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