Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Chou Chou Baby Monitor

The Chou Chou Baby Monitor is a new doll by the makers Zapf Creation. She comes with her very own baby monitor, bottle & dummy.
She has 2 modes, automatic & manual. In Manual mode she will make gurgling sounds & will cry, you can sooth her by giving her a bottle or dummy, she responds with sucking noises. Once she is left alone she will remain quiet until you press her belly, she will then become active again.

In manual mode you will need the baby monitor close to Baby Chou Chou, no more than 20 inches away but the closer the monitor is, the better. She will make the gurgling baby noises but when she begins to cry you can look on the display screen of the monitor to find out what she wants.

If the baby monitor shows;
A baby bottle she wants feeding so place the bottle in her mouth & she will feed, once she is done a heart will be displayed on the monitor.
A dummy, she wants to be tranquilised so put in her dummy she will make sucking noises & a heart will be displayed on the monitor.
A ball, Baby Chou Chou wants to play, so bounce her up & down & she will laugh & be happy & yes you have guessed it a heart will replace the ball on the monitor.
A moon indicates she is sleepy, so lie her down & press the button on the monitor to play soft lullaby's to her, she will fall asleep making sleeping sounds.

Chou Chou Baby Monitor is suitable for ages 3+, it can be bought from all good retailers for £44.99  which is about average of what an interactive doll costs. My daughter loved playing with Chou Chou Baby Monitor, she is an adorable doll that every little girl would cherish. 

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