Saturday, 3 November 2012

Chill Factore

The morning of our trip to Chill Factore in Manchester I must have pondered what to wear for a good half hour, eventually I decided to go with jeans, a long sleeved T-shirt & a knitted jumper. I am the worlds worst person when it comes to being cold, I moan like there is no tomorrow so I prayed that I wouldn't get too cold. I don't know why I worried because once we arrived & we were given our snow gear I was nice & toasty. 

Walking out of the changing rooms and onto the snow I could feel how cold it was on my face, I think it was -2, now that is cold. C & M both excitedly ran up the snow slope onto our first session of sledging, little & big T decided they were not brave enough to tackle the big slide so they headed off with Daddy2five to the snow play area. C, M & I all parked our bottoms on a sledge & off we set down the slope, I put my foot down to slow me down when we neared the bottom & sprayed myself with ice, cold snow, right in my face...did I mention that the snow is real snow, the stuff that is cold & will melt in your hands!. Little & big T decided that the sledging looked like too much fun to miss out on so they grabbed  a sledge & off they went down the slope.

The girls then had a few goes of the Luge, it is a big slide covered in ice that you go down on a board. You get thrown left to right as you whiz down the bends, I felt like I was tobogganing & I really wanted to shout "cool runnings" I managed to stop myself from doing so though & before I knew it I shot out of the end of the Luge. It was a bit of a bumpy ride but it was so much fun. Our next activity was Tubing, now this was fun & if you do this, ask them to spin you! Tubing was little T's favourite activity, as I watched my little 4 year old son stand on the conveyor belt with his little rubber ring, he slowly disappeared up the slope, I saw how little yet brave he was to tackle what must seem like a big slope to him. He waited patiently in line ready for his turn to come down the tubing lane. His turn came round quickly & he got onto the rubber ring, his feet barely over the side, the instructor pushed him on his way & he came shooting down so fast with the biggest smile on his face, he loved it. He spent the rest of our time there tubing.

After our 3 session we were treated to Pizza & chips, we didn't half work up an appetite. It was the most fun exercise I have ever taken part in. 

If you are looking for a unique venue to host a party Chill Factore is the place, they can cater for children's birthday parties. You can have 45 minutes doing your chosen activity then you & your guest can refuel on party food in either the Mont Blanc or Eiger restaurant whilst watch the the skiers come down the main slope(you can host a party without the food too). 
The avalanche Party is one for the thrill seeker & you must be 12 or over, you will be strapped into a giant ball & pushed down the slope. This activity is definitely not one for the faint hearted. This is one activity I would love to have a go on.

You can bring your children to see Santa, be surrounded by real snow & take part in a fun snow filled activity, then sit on Santa's lap & tell him what you would like for Christmas this year! 

Not only will Santa be attending but Sid, Scrat & Peppa Pig will all be attending on the run up to Christmas, the dates they are attending is as follows.
Saturday 10th November
Sunday 11th November

Peppa Pig
Saturday 17th November
Sunday 18th November
Saturday 24th November
Sunday 25th November

Saturday 1st December
Sunday 2nd December
Monday 3rd December

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