Friday, 9 November 2012

Center Parcs Challenge one - Ice Rage

Each month for the next 10 months, a different specialist from Center Parcs will set a challenge, all those who complete a challenge will then be entered to try their luck at becoming one of the lucky 4 wild card Center Parcs Family Bloggers. The competition is open to all of Tots100 registered bloggers so if you are registered why not enter this months challenge

Novembers challenge is to create a water ride, our entry is below

As you can see our wet water ride is to be called Ice Rage, inspiration for our ride came from a recent visit to an indoor ski centre & one of the kids favourite ride happened to be a slide made of ice, a bit like the track in Cool Running's(we love that film). So with a bit of family brainstorming we came up with a few ideas, eventually settling on Ice Rage. Thankfully 2 of us(myself & C) quite like creating things & 2 of us(little T & M) have wonderful imaginations, the others just watched whilst we got to work.

Every water ride needs an inflatable, meet ours, it is an inflatable bob-sleigh. It can take up to 3 passengers, each passenger has a handle on both sides to hold onto as they whiz down the track. The bottom of the bob-sleigh will be nice & padded to cushion those bottoms. The side will feature the name of the ride & to the front of the bob-sleigh would be the Center Parcs logo thus creating Center Parcs Bob-sleigh team.

The whole ride will have many twists & turns that add to the fun as your bob-sleigh washes up to the side whilst it goes round the bend, not a ride for the faint hearted!. The passengers will end their ride & want to climb the stairs ready for another go.

At the start, you will be at the highest point, you will need to place your bob-sleigh into the water & get all of the passengers in, the bob-sleigh will need to be carried up the stairs to the start point so it will need to be lightweight. Jets of water will push the bob-sleigh down the track, if you are a thrill seeker & want to go faster, there will be handles either side of the track to help to propel you at the start.

The Track will have higher sides wherever the track bends, this will mean the bob-sleigh will go up onto the side making the ride much more exciting, this also stops the passengers from toppling over the edge.

All of the track will be at an angle, this will keep the bob-sleigh going fast throughout the water ride. The bob-sleigh will eventually come to a stand still at the end of the track, the passengers can then exit & either return to the luxurious pool or climb the stairs for another fun ride.

Each bob-sleigh will be the size of a standard bath tub, we tested how many could fit in a bath & we could fit 3 people in comfortably, this means you will be able to fit a maximum of 3 passenger into the bob-sleigh. To make it more exciting sensors can be positioned at the top & bottom of Ice Rage that will be able to time you, the fastest track time will be the Ice Rage winner of the day.

I hope you like our entry, we would certainly love to have a ride on Ice Rage.