Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Angry Birds Trilogy Nintendo 3DS

Along with Wappy Dog & the Nintendo 3DS, I received Angry Birds Trilogy for the 3DS to review. We have not played any of the Angry Birds games so we were all unfamiliar with it, we did not know what to expect. Angry Birds Trilogy is 3 of the best selling Angry Birds games rolled into 1 with over 100 hours of addictive play. Describing it as addictive is just right, they are not wrong. Every time I play the game I find hours have passed, there is something therapeutic about catapulting the Angry birds at the target hoping that they hit. 
When they don't hit & you fail you feel the need to keep on going until you hit them all & move up a level. I also want to keep it hidden from the kids, I don't want to share my Angry Birds game, I want to complete all the levels. I guess though I must share with them so they can test it out from a kids point of view.
All the games have the same theory to hit all the piggies, each Angry bird has a different skill & throughout the game it prompted us when one of the bird we were playing with had a skill that we could use. The piggies on some levels are Monkeys but the object of the game is the same, whilst hitting all the piggies is the main aim of the game you also collect points for each items you manage to hit & break which then brings out the competitive side because we all want the best score.

My children really loved playing on Angry Birds Trilogy, it is really easy to play although sometimes getting the aim right can be tricky but that is half of the fun, there is no point having an easy challenge. It is suitable for ages 3+ & will provide hours of fun. I have found Angry Birds Trilogy for the Nintendo 3DS to be priced at around £25 which I think is good value for this game, I enjoyed it, my children enjoyed it & we have hardly completed many levels too despite playing for a while so I know this game will provide my children with lots of playing time.

I received the Angry Birds Trilogy game along with a Nintendo 3ds for the purpose of the review, all opinions are of my own.

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