Friday, 30 November 2012

Brave Merida and Angus set

Disney have sent me Brave Merida and Angus set to review from their Brave toys Disney range. As soon as I saw it I knew my daughter would fall in love with it as she loves horses, loves Brave & loves Disney. In the Brave Merida and Angus set, Merida is wearing her formal dress with gold satin detail on the waist, she also has her bow, arrow & arrow holder. Angus is a plush horse who is very soft to touch & rather cute & lovable, when the tip of his nose is pressed he whinnies(makes horse noises) which is a very realistic sound. He really is a lovely steed, his feathers above his hooves are a realistic feature of the breed of horse  which he is based on. The features of the Disney Brave toys are accurate to the film Brave & are very well made. In the Merida and Angus set, Merida stands at 11.5" in height and Angus is 12.5" in height. Merida has movable limbs & has lovely curly hair, Angus comes with his very own saddle ready for Merida to hop onto her trust steed.  

The Brave Merida and Angus set is £30.00 which I think is a good price for this product.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Haba Bobbing Bunny & Quaking Frog

We are nearing the end of out 12 days of Christmas goodies, so now I bring to you a toy made of wood. The Haba bobbing bunny & quaking frog are both made from beech wood which is smoothed off so there are no sharp parts at all, the arms are made of colour coordinated rope & both of them have cute appealing faces & are painted in bright colour which are also non toxic so should your littel one decide to give them the taste test then no harm will come from it. They wobble and rattle, your little one will love these. I love wooden toys because it allows a child's mind to be free from flashes of lights & sound so their own imagination comes out through playing with wooden toys. The RRP is £12.99 which I personally this is a little more than what I would like to pay for one.

Green Science Green Rocket

Has your child ever wanted to make their own rocket & launcher? Well now they can with the Green Science Green Rocket. In the set you get; 1 x stand arm, 1 x launch tube, 1 x flexible pipe, 2 x bottle connector halves, 2 x pipe clamp halves, 2 x foam rocket heads, 12 x fin templates, 2 x rocket templates, 3 x screws, 1 set of small nuts & bolts, 1 set of large nuts, bolts, washer & split washer, 1 x double sided adhesive tape & 1 set of instructions with fun facts. To make your rocket you will also need a small crosshead screwdriver, adhesive tape, old magazines, scissors, & 2 empty plastic bottles.

Once you have made up your green rocket you are ready to launch, stamp on the empty bottle to launch your rocket up into the sky, it can reach heights of up to 25 meters(80 meters).
It is suitable for children ages 8 years & over, the kids will love this Green Science kit, it will make a great stocking filler because the price is just £9.99 & they could experiment with different size bottles to see what size works best.

Gelarti Activity Pack


The Gelarti Acticity Pack from Flair was a firm favourite with my girls, they love anything that they can get creative with & this Gelarti set was a big hit. In the set you get 50 stickers that you paint & then stick them to pretty much anything you like, my eldest covered her school folders in them & M stuck them to her books.
 You get 5 paints, 1 marbling tool, 2 plastic discs to put your stickers on that then could be hung up as a decoration & also you get a card to place your stickers in. When you are painting them I would recommend only giving the a light coat because if you do them too thickly they will take longer to dry & you will also run out of paint eventually. The Gelarti Activity pack is suitable for ages 5+ & can be bought for £9.99 which is around what I would be happy to pay for it.

I received this product for the purpose of the review.

Ben10 Kevin's car construction set

We discovered Ben10 Kevin's Car Construction set from Character Building in our 12 Days of Christmas. This set is a construction set where you follow the instructions piecing the blocks together to make Kevin's car. Once the car is completed your child will have lots of fun playing, the car bonnet can open & with it you get a Ben10 micr0-figure. The car that first appeared in Ben10 Alien force comes with a rear personalised Kevin 1 number plate.
This set is suitable for ages 5+ & consist of 216 pieces. You can buy it for £9.99 which I think is a fair price for this set, you are able to take it apart & rebuild it so it will provide a child with a good amount of play hours.

I received this for the purpose of the review only, all wording and opinions are of my own.  

Go Mini Freestylers

 Our 12 Days of Christmas brought us the Go Mini Freestylers by Golden Bear Toys, there are 5 different cars to collect: Charge, Revs, Tiger, beats & bulldog. The Go Mini Freestylers that we received is Charge, he is painted in green & has flame graphics running down the side of the car. Pressing the button on his bonnet activates the revving sounds & blue lights inside him. His roof features a holographic image of flames that change when you move the car in different directions. He is a free wheeling car & comes with his personalised rear number plate. Little T loves to push charge along, pressing his button to activate the lights & sounds.

The Go Mini Freestylers Charge can be bought for £14.99 straight from the Golden Bear Toys website 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Angry Birds Trilogy Nintendo 3DS

Along with Wappy Dog & the Nintendo 3DS, I received Angry Birds Trilogy for the 3DS to review. We have not played any of the Angry Birds games so we were all unfamiliar with it, we did not know what to expect. Angry Birds Trilogy is 3 of the best selling Angry Birds games rolled into 1 with over 100 hours of addictive play. Describing it as addictive is just right, they are not wrong. Every time I play the game I find hours have passed, there is something therapeutic about catapulting the Angry birds at the target hoping that they hit. 
When they don't hit & you fail you feel the need to keep on going until you hit them all & move up a level. I also want to keep it hidden from the kids, I don't want to share my Angry Birds game, I want to complete all the levels. I guess though I must share with them so they can test it out from a kids point of view.
All the games have the same theory to hit all the piggies, each Angry bird has a different skill & throughout the game it prompted us when one of the bird we were playing with had a skill that we could use. The piggies on some levels are Monkeys but the object of the game is the same, whilst hitting all the piggies is the main aim of the game you also collect points for each items you manage to hit & break which then brings out the competitive side because we all want the best score.

My children really loved playing on Angry Birds Trilogy, it is really easy to play although sometimes getting the aim right can be tricky but that is half of the fun, there is no point having an easy challenge. It is suitable for ages 3+ & will provide hours of fun. I have found Angry Birds Trilogy for the Nintendo 3DS to be priced at around £25 which I think is good value for this game, I enjoyed it, my children enjoyed it & we have hardly completed many levels too despite playing for a while so I know this game will provide my children with lots of playing time.

I received the Angry Birds Trilogy game along with a Nintendo 3ds for the purpose of the review, all opinions are of my own.

Schleich Dinosaurs

In my 12 days of Christmas I have been give a Schleich Dinosaur, the one we were given is a 

Parasaurolophus, a plant eating dinosaur.

With the news that Jurassic Park is set to be released in eyepopping
3D and brand new species being discovered, dinosaurs
are the hottest prehistoric playmates of the summer.
Children and dinosaur fans can now also unearth their own pack, as the fiercest Jurassic inhabitants come to life with Schleich’s new Dinosaur collection!

Almost 225 million years after the first dinosaurs
roamed the Earth, Schleich has recreated the most
iconic prehistoric predators and released them into the
wild ready to delight dinosaur-fans. An ever popular
boys’ toy, these anatomically correct models take dino
fun to a whole new terrifying level! Whilst small enough
for children’s hands, the intricate details ensure that
these beasts remain ferocious.

Kids can create their own prehistoric worlds, choosing
from a whole pack of hand painted dinos. The new stars of
the carnivorous collection include Allosaurus, a very
dangerous dinosaur indeed, the towering Giganotosaurus
and the absolutely infamous Tyrannosaurus rex! Each fearsome predator features the
powerful moveable jaw and existing favourites have also been refreshed with this awesome
jaw. The dino pack is getting ready to pounce!
But don’t worry; there are some friendlier faces in Schleich’s Dinosaur collection. As a
herbivore, the Brachiosaurus sticks to munching on plants but, at 80 tonnes, is still a
formidable creature and weighs as much as 16 elephants!
With so many figures to choose from, Schleich has a prehistoric playmate for everyone!

Fun facts about the Parasaurolophus

Its crest could be as long as 1.80 metres - as long as an adult human is high!

  • Conservation Status: Extinct (EX)
  • Global HomeNorth America
  • Primary Habitat: Forest
Almost 13 metres long, the Parasaurolophus weighed two tonnes! This dinosaur with its long bony crest on its head and rounded beak was a curious sight. The ridge may have served three purposes: one, to produce a distinct call; two, to improve his sense of smell; and three, to attract a mate. With its toothless beak, it probably grazed on tree leaves.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Melting Snowman Biscuits

 It is almost December so it is time to start on the Christmas goodies so I bring to you Melting Snowmen Biscuits, I saw many of these done last year but I never got round to making any myself so I started early on them this year after seeing a recipe by Annabel Karmel in December issue of Practical Parenting & pregnancy magazine it reminded me that I need to make a start. I used the ingredients in the magazine for the biscuits but any biscuit recipe you have would work well too. I just did my own thing with decorating them so you could get creative & use what ever edible decorations you have.

Ingredients for the biscuits

225g butter
225g Plain flour
100g corn flour
100g caster sugar

I sieved in the flour, caster sugar & cornflour all into a bowl, I then added the butter(room temperature always blends in better) I then mixed them together in the mixer until it all because a crumbly mixture. I then turned my hand into the tools & kneaded it all together to form a dough. Wrap the dough in cling film & chill in the fridge for 10 minutes. Take the dough out of the fridge & roll it out on a lightly flour dusted surface then cut out a figure of 8 shape in the dough or you could use a circular cutter if you prefer. Place them on a greased baking tray(spaced out because the dough will expand) then chill them for a further 20 minutes. Preheat the oven to 180C & then bake them for around 15 minutes. Once they are done take them out & allow them to cool on a rack.

To decorate you will need: 

300g royal icing
50ml cold water 
black & orange sugar pearls
white marshmallows
fizzy strawberry strips

Once they are cooled it is time to decorate & I love this bit the most. Mix 300g of royal icing sugar with 50mls of cold water, you will need to mix it until it forms peaks, then put the mixture into a piping bag with a writing nozzle & cover the biscuit leaving the edge clear of icing, if you don't have a piping bag you can spread it onto the biscuit using a knife. Before the icing dries put 1 white marshmallow on to make the snowman's head & place 3 black sugar pearls down in a line about 1cm in front of the marshmallow to make the snowman's buttons. put a tiny bit of icing onto 2 black sugar pearls & stick them on the marshmallow for the eyes & do the same with the orange sugar pearl to make the nose. I cut my fizzy strawberry strips down to size then wrapped them around the marshmallow to make the scarf, I then lightly sprinkled edible glitter over it to make a shimmering snow effect.

Your melting snowmen are now complete, all that is left to do is eat them.

Rivetz Giant Hornet - 12 days of Christmas

In my 12 days of Christmas box I have the innovative new Technokit Rivetz kit of the Giant hornet, boys who love to build, will be captivated by these new Rivetz kits as they learn how to snap and fix pieces of the pre-cut, decorated card together to create a giant sculpture of a Giant Hornet.

Each Rivetz kit contains coloured, glossy card, the patented Rivetz Gun and the all-important Rivetz that once fitted together, make giant models that can be displayed on a shelf, desk or hung from the ceiling. The unique feature about these kits is that the Rivetz Gun can also remove the Rivetz without damaging the card, so the sculptures can be taken apart and rebuilt with friends whenever they wish.

The kits can be bought for £12.99, they will keep the kids entertained for hours whilst they put it together to create their very own Giant Hornet, my son loves bugs so this kit is just perfect for him.

Also available in the collection is a Dragon & a Racer 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Gruffalo Trunki Chums Competition, my entry

Here is my entry for MummyConstant's Gruffalo Trunki Chums Competition

We are massive Gruffalo fans & we read the books often so creating our on chapter was so much fun. 

My cute Gruffalo

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood.
A bear saw the mouse and the mouse looked good.
“Where are you going to little brown mouse?
Come & have supper in my dark cave house.”
 ”It’s terribly kind of you, Bear, but no -
I’m going to have lunch with a Gruffalo.”
 ”A Gruffalo? What’s a Gruffalo?”
“A Gruffalo! Why didn’t you know?
He shiny white fangs, and a tail so long.
And lets off a dreadful smelling pong.”
“Where are you meeting him?”
“Here by the oak tree,
And his favourite drink is bear tea.” 
 ”Bear Tea! I’m off”. Bear roared.
“Goodbye, little mouse,” & up the hill he soared.
“Silly old bear! Doesn’t he know,
There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo?” 

And now one for just us bloggers

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood.
A blogger saw the mouse and the mouse looked good.
“Where are you going to little brown mouse?
Come & drink wine in my cyber world house.”
 ”It’s terribly kind of you, Blogger, but no -
I’m going to have lunch with a Gruffalo.”
 ”A Gruffalo? What’s a Gruffalo?”
“A Gruffalo! Why didn’t you know?
He spams your blog, leaving awful links.
And his writing abilities, well they just stink.”
“Where are you meeting him?”
“Here, by Caps lock,
And his favourite food needs a bloggers stock.” 
 ”Bloggers stock! I’m off”. blogger typed.
“Goodbye, little mouse,” & off she went to skype.
“Silly old blogger! Doesn’t she know,
There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo?” 

Web shooting Spiderman by Hasbro

 Hasbro have brought out the Web Shooting Spiderman, It is suitable for children ages 4+. My boys both love superhero's, what boys doesn't?, they both also love action figures so I knew that they both would be battling over Web Shooting Spiderman. 
In the box you get the Web Shooting Spiderman figure & a cardboard cut out of a lizard that you can stand up to aim Spiderman's webs at it to try & knock him over. Spiderman is very detailed, his arms & legs are able to turn 360° at the shoulder & hip but this is the only movement so your child will be limited to certain positions for him.
Both hands have the webs attached & pressing the 2 buttons on the back launches the webs out of his hands, the left button controls the left hand & the right button controls the right.
 Both webs can not be fired together because the string is connected so as the left hand shoots the web this will reel in the string from the right. This means that there will always be 1 web hanging out of one of his hands. The web does not come flying out so your target must be close, this is a good thing because if your children are anything like my boys they will try to shoot each other, so this is a great safety measure to ensure no eyes are damaged whilst rough playing.
It says that Spiderman makes web shooting sounds, however the only sound I can hear is the motor that feeds the string from the left to the right. Little T loved playing with Web Shooting Spiderman & he is a good size standing at 13 inches tall.
You will need to insert 4 x AAA batteries in order to power the motors that send out the webs at the target, your child will have fun going around seeing what else he can knock over using the webs(just hide any breakables).
I would recommend it to family & friends & I do think it is worth the £29.99 because my son thoroughly enjoyed playing with it & the fact that it shoots a web out of his hand makes him much more interesting than a stand alone figure.

Web Shooting Spiderman is available to buy from Toys R Us 

Scatter Brainz Darts 12 days of Christmas

 The Scatter Brainz darts are perfect for stocking fillers, they are available to buy in packs of 3 or 8 & are suitable for ages 5+. The rrp is from £4.99 which is a great price for them as they actually work. I gave them to big T & off he went to his room, I stuck the target onto the back of his door & pretty much left him to it. I then heard "muuuuum" coming from his room so I went to investigate, I walked in & asked him what the matter was & he just looked up. 

Moving my gaze from his eyes up to the ceiling I spied all the darts just sitting there, stuck on my nicely painted white ceiling, I crossed my fingers & hoped they had not left horrid marks like many toys that stick to things do. Thankfully after knocking them all off(they are very sticky) I breathed a sigh of relief, no marks at all not even one.

There is 64 different darts to collect & 6 different dart boards to collect. The darts each have a soft sticky brain that will stick to pretty much anything & everything, I would advise that you don't drop them onto the carpet though because they will pick up all the fluff from it & this will stop them sticking.

My son loved playing with the Scatter Brainz Darts so I would recommend them to family & friends.

Gyro-Botz Deluxe Battle Arena

In our 3rd Toyologist box we had Gyro-Botz Deluxe Battle Arena, now in the past I have bought a similar battle game for my eldest son mainly because he likes to watch things spin so I had high hopes for the Gyro-Botz. Setting it up was nice & easy, the arena is made out of plastic which past experience has taught me that these break easily if they are not looked after, if it is stood on or left amongst a pile of toys it will break so extra care is needed.

In this set you get 2 Gyro-Botz, 1 deluxe arena, 2 rip cords & a sticker sheet. The Gyro-Botz can be spun using the rip cord & then placing the Gyro-Botz on their heads, they spin in the arena for a while when in on their own but as soon as an extra spinning Gyro-Botz is added to battle they stop fairly soon after, they don't seem to have the ability to hit each other without stopping them spinning, now I know this is the aim of the game but the battle lasts seconds that way & to be totally honest it can get boring. My son age 4 had difficulties putting in the rip cord then pulling it to activate the spinning so bear this in mind although this set is suitable for ages 5+ so it could just be his age.

The back of the box says that you can bounce them, we all tried this & we could not make them bounce like they do on the box so this was a big let down.

You can buy this set from Toys R Us for £19.99 which I do think is more than I would pay for an item that does not do much & will not give my child much playing time. I do however think that if they would spin for longer whilst in the arena this would be a fun battle game.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thomas Daring Drop - Trackmaster

 I have to admit I quite looked forward to opening the box of the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster- Thomas Daring Drop Playset because both of my boys are big Thomas fans. A friend of mine had just bought it for her son & she said she found setting it up a nightmare so when I set up ours I timed myself. From start to finish it took 25 minutes to set up which is not so bad when you are alone in a room putting it together but I can imagine on Christmas morning with your child stood over you supervising it could take a little longer.

The bit I have circled in red is where the 3rd part P goes
The instructions are not the best, I followed it for the majority but I did have to use the box image to see which way the towers went & also to figure out where the 3rd piece of part P should go, if you look at the instructions on the right I have marked where this piece should go.

Some of the tower parts can not be taken apart once put together so bear this in mind if you are wanting to set it up & put it away in the box. The track pieces of Thomas Daring Drop all fit together really well & it does what it says it should. You will need quite a large floor space & there is over 4ft of track. Thomas will need 1 AA battery in order to work, he will go around the lower track until you flip the switch on the track where he will then tackle the higher Blue Mountain Quarry track, passing Merrick the Crane & down the collapsing bridge. 

My boys both love the Thomas Daring Drop track & it can be bought for just £39.99 from Toys R Us which I think is a fair price for it. Thomas fans will love it & I imagine any child who loves train would love to own this set.

You can watch our video below to see Thomas going around the Daring Drop Blue mountain Quarry track.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Salt Dough Santa Hand prints & Angel Foot Prints

Our Santa hand print, the colour on the beard is just the wet varnish
 I saw on Facebook a picture of Salt Dough Hand print that was painted with a Santa's face. I thought I would give it a go, I loved the thought of still having them in years to come & being able to see how tiny my children's hands were in 2012.

I used 2 cups of plain flour, 2 cups of ordinary table salt & 1 cup of water. This was enough to do 5 hand prints & a foot print so if you require less hand prints I would half the ingredients. Put the water, flour & salt all into a bowl & mix using a wooden spoon, once the dough starts to take shape ditch the spoon & knead with your hands(you might want to take any rings off). Once it is all kneaded well you can break off a ball & roll out onto a baking tray, carefully place your child's hand onto the dough taking care not to press too firmly or too lightly. Once you are happy with your print cut with a sharp Knife around the hand print leaving around 1cm. Make sure you create a hole at the top of the hand print so you are able to pass ribbon through once you have painted it. Put them in the oven for around 4 hours or till dry on gas mark 1/2 or 100c/200F

I used white emulsion paint as the base them I lightly pencil drawn the face & hat, I then coloured him in, once dry I added detailing with a black marker pen & then finished him off with a craft varnish spray.
I can not wait to put up my decorations & hang them along with a decoration that I made when I was just a small child.

I thought my son's foot print looked very much like an Angel so I painted on a little angel using 2 of the toes as feet. I think they all will look really cute & a great way to capture your children's hand & feet 

Tots100 Experience Days Competition

John Crane & I

Being a John Crane Ambassador has been fun, I never knew Friday the 13th would have been a lucky one for me back in July but thankfully it was, I have had the pleasure of discovering many new, fantastic wooden toys. I have even had the pleasure of giving away some pretty cool wooden toys from the John Crane range which always fills me with a warm fuzzy feeling knowing another child will be playing with a quality wooden toy, we currently have a Chimpanzee wooden Chair to give away so why not enter. John Crane can be found on Twitter & facebook, where they often are interacting with their fans or letting us know about their latest competition. Most Wednesday I tell you all about a product or a giveaway using the #woodentoywednesday hash tag so if you have not discovered them all search the hash tag on twitter.

Below are just a few of the wonderful products I have come across since starting my ambassador role with John Crane.
 John Crane Tidlo Oldfield Farm
John Crane Tidlo Rainbow Cubes
John Crane Pintoy Pull along Puppy 
John Crane Tidlo Rainbow Maraca
John Crane Tidlo Rainbow Recorder

Our latest find is the Sqij Blox from the Tidlo range, little R has loved connecting the blox together to make strange, yet wonderful things. I made a dog & an elephant, daddy2five however made a key & a cannon, he also made something that looked like a buffalo of some sort. All of our John Crane products have allowed my children to explore their imaginations & act out imaginary roles.

You can discover all of the wonderful wooden toys over at the John Crane website & whilst you are there, if you are brave enough take a peek at how long we have left till Christmas at the bottom of their website.

As a parent you honestly can not go wrong with a John Crane product, as a blogger I have had a wonderful time working with them in my role as a John Crane Ambassador, it really has been a pleasure.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Doctor Who Quantum Lokk device Giveaway

I have a Doctor Who Quantum Lokk device to giveaway to one of my readers, fill out the rafflecopter form below to enter.

For those that have already experienced the excitement of AppGear’s Elite CommandAR, or for Doctor Who fans wanting to recreate the adventures of the Doctor in the most realistic virtual way possible, then the latest release from AppGear will be the hot pick of the autumn.
Download the Cleric Wars App (available from the app store) and get ready to lock and load as the launch of the Doctor Who Q.L.A Quantum Lokk Accelerator Anti Time Devise is upon us!
Introducing the ultimate Doctor Who gaming experience; the Cleric Wars App and Q.L.A. Device is an immersive, Augmented Reality (AR) first-person mobile application game for iPhone and Android smart phones.
The back story...
After the Doctor disappeared, the Cybermen and Daleks went to war across the universe. On each world they destroyed they left in their wake, Stone Angels, picking over the dead and dying. But the Cleric army fought back and scoured the dead worlds left after the wars, looking for the wreckage of Daleks, Cybermen and broken Angels to create a hugely powerful ‘anti-time’ device.
The device is part Dalek, part Cyber technology and used the Quantum signature from the Angel to trigger a Gateway to pull enemies into the time Vortex…Erasing them from time completely. As Earth nears total destruction by alien forces, players must join the Cleric Army and battle through multiple waves of enemies: Daleks, Cybermen and Angels in a last-ditch mission to save the planet.

The immersive controls use a first-person viewpoint with pan and tilt function. To defeat an enemy aim the Q.L.A and fire at it until a vortex opens up and pulls it in. The head up display (H.U.D) helps locate enemies whose general location is indicated by icons near the centre of the target. .
AMPLIFIED REALITY This devise enables players to battle enemies in their own room! Dalek, Cybermen and Angels appear as if real, on screen via Augmented Reality (AR).
Requires 2 x AAA batteries. Not included. iOS: iPhone 4 and above; iPod Touch 4th generation. Android: Selected phones running Google Android 2.3.3, 1GHz processor, 512MB, with back-facing camera. Note: Phones must support iPhone-compatible headphones with built-in microphone unless otherwise specified on the support site:
Free downloadable app, one Q.L.A. Quantum Lokk Accelerator Anti-Time Device, one detachable smart device holder and one user manual.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 19 November 2012

LeapFrog Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack

The LeapFrog Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack is a great addition for your Tag Learning System. When I first shown it to little T he was convinced it was something to fix the body, what body needs fixing I don't know but he was pretty convinced. In the pack you get a 2 sided human body chart, an interactive growth chart & 3 interactive sticker sheets, including 1 set of glow in the dark bones. The 2 sided body chart features the body system & it will teach your child about all the major systems that when put together forms our bodies such as the digestive system, the muscular system, the skeletal system, the respiratory, circular & nervous system. 

Little T loved discovering all the bones in his body & also loved learning about where our food goes after it has passed our lips. When he pressed on the muscles I did expect them to be named but they was not so that was slightly disappointing, I think it is only disappointing because I took P.E at school so I had to learn all the muscles & bones that made up our body.  
The growth chart is excellent because you can mark off how tall your child is, your child can then click on the number next to their height & it will tell them how tall they are.

What child doesn't like stickers?, they are even more fun when you can put your Tag Learning system on them to tell you what organ or bone they are no matter where your child chooses to stick them. The Skeleton stickers are glow in the dark which adds to the fun. 
I think the LeapFrog Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack is worth the money, at just £14.99 it will teach your child the human body facts, body system & health & nutrition. It is suitable for ages 4-8 years which I would say is the right age because little T loves it.

I would highly recommend the LeapFrog Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack to family & friends & it is available to buy from Toys R Us.

Please note with this set you do not get the Tag Learning System, this would need to be bought separately.