Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wild Science - Slime Laboratory & Face Mask Laboratory

 I have been sent two products from the Wild Science range by the makers interplay to review. I think these are going to be a big hit for Christmas as both these sets work well, whether it be making bouncing slime or making face masks the kids are 
sure to have fun. Both the sets amazed both my girls and boys, they watch each other with their eyes wide & they was also amazed at seeing the end product that they have created.
 In the box
1 x large beaker
2 x small beakers
1 x small spoon
1 x goggles
1 x mask
1 x gloves
3 x pipettes
3 x stirring sticks
1 x sachet of slime
1 x empty slime jar
                2 x specimen tubes
1 x large jar + Alginate
               1 x calcium chloride
1 x dish
1 x workbench
2 x colours 

Your child will love being a wild scientist whilst they create tadpole soup, blood clots or even bouncing slime. My boys both wanted to make the bouncing slime, following the instructions is really easy as it gives step by step guides & also useful tips. The bouncing slime is still going strong over 1 week later too because we have stored it in one of the lidded tubs that you get in the set. In the set you get everything you need to make up your gross creations. My son did complain that the safety goggles hurt his cheeks slightly so make sure they are not too tight. None of the items are toxic but you must read the safety leaflets enclosed in the box to make sure your child plays with the product correctly & safely. The Weird Slime Laboratory is suitable for children ages 8-12, the rrp is £12.99 which I think is excellent value for money.

Wild Science Face Mask is definitely one for the girls & it would be perfect for sleep overs or for a group of friends to get together & do as you are able to make plenty of face masks. At first I was worried about my 8 year daughter using it because she suffers with allergies to many product so we did the allergy test & all was ok so she could join in on the fun we had. It is suitable for ages 8-12 & the rrp is £12.99. 

In the box you get everything you need to make the face masks, the instructions are really easy to follow & the girls had loads of fun creating their own face masks. They could choose which colour they wanted although the recommended amount of colour drops does not turn it to that colour so ours actually turned out white but the girls didn't mind at all. They both said their skin felt softer after they washed off the face mask & they also made so solid forms of the face mask which is great & all they need to do now when they next want a face mask is to add water to the them.

I think all of the Wild science range will be a big hit with the children this Christmas, my girls are already telling me which set they want next. I would highly recommend them to family & friends.

I received the 2 sets for the purpose of the review only.

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